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After vote on Twitter: Musk makes more Tesla shares to money


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has again silvered shares of his company. The entrepreneur cost around 934,000 papers for about one billion US dollars, as emerged in the night on Friday from mandatory notifications to the US Federal Supervisory Authority.

Musk has thus already divested himself of a total of around ten million Tesla shares worth almost eleven billion dollars (9.6 billion euros) since he pledged to sell ten percent of his 17 percent stake in the electric car manufacturer in the course of a Twitter vote at the beginning of November.

Voting on Twitter

Musk had Twitter users vote on whether to part with ten percent of his Tesla stake in order to pay more taxes. To achieve this goal, however, Musk still has to kill more Tesla shares. Musk is Tesla’s largest single actionr.

The Tesla boss is considered the richest person in the world with a sloping margin of around 285 billion dollars. But his wealth is largely based on equity investments, which are only taxed on a sale. (dpa/swi)

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