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GV70 wins two ‘2022 Automobile Innovation Awards’ in Canada: Biz N

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GV70 wins two '2022 Automobile Innovation Awards' in Canada: Biz N | 111618033.1
GV70 wins two '2022 Automobile Innovation Awards' in Canada: Biz N | view icon photo more

The Genesis GV70 won two gold medals at the ‘2022 Automobile Innovation Award’ of the Canadian Automobile Journalists Association.

A panel of judges from the Canadian Automobile Journalists Association selected the GV70 Advanced Rear Seat Passenger Notification for the Safety Innovation Award, the GV70 Fingerprint Authentication System for the Technology Innovation Award, and the Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Powertrain for the Eco-Friendly Innovation Award.

In particular, the Canadian Automobile Journalists Association highly evaluated the usefulness and future potential of the fingerprint recognition technology, paying attention to the fingerprint authentication-based ballet mode applied to the GV70.

“The Automobile Innovation Award represents the modern advancement of automotive technology,” said Stephanie Wallcraft, president of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada.

A Genesis official said, “The fingerprint recognition and rear passenger notification system installed in the GV70 are unique considerations for Genesis to provide safe and convenient personalized services to customers. We will work for it,” he said.

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