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Manufacturer sells workforce green electricity: Nissan uses employees to reduce CO2 emissions

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Nissan has set itself the goal of being CO2-neutral throughout the company by 2050. As a means on the long way to get there, the Japanese automaker has now taken an unusual measure: Nissan said on Wednesday it would sell green electricity to its own employees who drive an electric car. At the same time, this is intended to improve the company’s own CO2 balance.

“With the start of fiscal 2022, the program will initially be offered to all employees living in the Canton region,” Nissan said. Which CO2 reduction the Group expects as a result and whether the prices for green electricity are in line with the market, he left open.


Electricity sales to customers since 2019

Nissan had already started selling electricity to customers with an electric vehicle in 2019 – but this electricity was not necessarily green electricity so far, and sales were limited to a few selected dealerships in Japan.

Nissan now wants to iron out this weakness in the electrification of vehicle fleets with the offer of green electricity – and thus do itself a favor. The measure is credited to the company’s CO2 account in Japan.

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