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Weekly reset on December 28th. – The last week of the dawning

destiny 2 lets the old year end comfortably, which means the dawn is in the last week. So that you know what to expect in this last week of 2021, we’ll bring you up to date on what’s happening this week.

This is happening this week: In the final week of 2021, Bungie is taking a bit of a hiatus so things have gone quiet. The players therefore currently have an advantage and can let off steam a little more unobserved. For example, you do Lost sectors in just 34 seconds or use that, despite the nerf, somehow still much too strong titanium exo “Worm God Touch”.

In addition, Destiny 2 has already received tailwind for the new year 2022 and has shown that it is absolutely not a “dead game”, as many always claim. But on the contrary. The action MMO can also in the third year on Steam convince the players.


Many players eagerly pre-ordered back in August, giving The Witch Queen DLC a huge leap of faith in the ever-evolving Destiny 2 universe.

The most important information about activities from 28.12. until 04.01.

the Twilight: The Crucible is this week’s strike:

  • The Hollow Hideoutin the tangled bay
    • The fanatic awaits you. You won’t be able to kill the Representative of Scorn in the Tangled Bay for much longer, because he’ll be moving to the Content Vault soon, in February 2022. So take the opportunity and gamble him again on the leader.
  • These twilight weapons are currently available:
    • Uzume SR4, Solar Sniper Rifle (Master)
    • Plug-One 1, Arc Fusion Rifle (Master)
  • Playlist strikes have these modifiers:
    • Arc Singe
    • brawler
    • freezer handle
    • The Singe modifier stays with you throughout the week, the others change daily.
  • Weekly bonus this week:
    • At the end of this week you will get a boost to the rank points in the “Trials of Osiris”
Destiny 2 Lighthouse Make Flawless Trials Osiris cover art
Boost your reputation rank in the Trials this week.

That happens in the raidGlass chamber“:

  • The Gatekeeper Challenge Names “Strangers in Time” takes place in the Glass Chamber. Note that here you have to kill the Minos in the different timelines at the same time as the Wyverns.
  • As a reward awaits Challenge mode of the raid a time-lost weapon. This week it’s the Heze Revenge rocket launcher. The weapon also comes with a guaranteed 2 perks per slot. But always remember that hard and normal mode share the loot.
  • This week’s armor focus in the raid is: Mobility

Crucible – These are the PvP playlists:

  • private match
  • rumble
  • control
  • elimination
  • Glory Survival
  • Glory Survival: Freelance
  • show down

Ascendant Challenge:

  • Petra year endures curse week 2 for the last time this year. Visit them in the Dreaming City right at the Divalian Mists spawn point. From her you get a mission with a powerful reward. Also masters the 6. Ascendant Challenge in the Starlight Chamber.

Seasonal Activity – Shattered Empire:

  • This week, the “Forest of Echoes” await you in the Shattered Realm of the Ascendant Plane if you wish to uncover the mysteries and find anchors.
Enter the Shattered Realm through the portal in the HELM

Sources of pinnacle loot in Destiny 2 Season 15

This is the new max level: In Season of the Forgotten, the maximum power level of your gear is 1,330. This means that the power level has only increased by +10 compared to the previous season 14.

So you are not busy with the annoying levels, but you can immediately plunge into the endgame.

This top loot (Pinnacle Gear) gets you over 1,320:

  • Earn at least 100,000 points (+2) in Crucible in the Dawn
  • Simulation: Exo Challenge (+1)
  • Omen Mission “Hawk Moon” (+2)
  • Dungeon “Drip of Greed” (+2)
  • Omen Mission “Glycon” (+2)
  • Raid the “Chamber of Glass” (+2)
  • Empire Hunt: Warrior of Darkness (+2)
  • In the Shattered Realm, defeat 4 champions (+1)
  • Complete 3 Gambit matches (+1)
  • Complete 3 Crucible matches (+1)
  • Complete 3 Strikes with Matching Focus (+1)
  • Hawthorne’s Clan Task (+1)
  • Trials of Osiris, 7 wins (+2)
  • Trials of Osiris, win 50 turns (+2)

Bright Dust Highlights in Eververse

At Tess in Eververse, there are again some cosmetic items on offer that may be missing from your collection. In the last week of 2021, you can treat yourself to a “Tschoouu-Tschoouuu” Sparrow for 2500 and cruise through Destiny 2 with the little engine.

Don’t forget your Bright Dust gift: If you’re short on gloss dust, you should take a look at Everversum right after the weekly reset. Bungie is already giving you Bright Dust in week four. You just have to pick them up from Tess and then you can go shopping for cosmetics.

The Sparrow “The Lost Drive” comes to Eververse for Bright Dust.

You can still get that for Bright Dust from Tess this week:

  • The Exotic Dawning Ship “Silk Ivory Wings”
  • The Joybringer Exotic Weapon Ornament for the Risky.
  • Exotic Sparrow “Icicle Rush” guaranteed to give you a chilling butt.
  • Ice Art Exotic Emote
  • Legendary Hoho-Hopeless Emote
  • Exotic Ghost Shell “Gift Wrapped Shell”
  • Exotic Ghost Shell “Snowball Shell”
  • Ghost Projection “Candy Cane Projection”
  • Spirit Projection “Giant Pigeon Projection”
  • and as a shader “Dawning Happiness”

What are you doing in Destiny 2 during the last days of 2021? Have you already earned enough Bright Dust to treat yourself to some missing cosmetics? Or what else are you planning?

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