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Apple | 10 years ago Apple introduced MacBook Pro with Retina display | macbook

Apple rarely showcases hardware at WWDC developer events, but exactly 10 years ago, the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro took the stage.

The notebook was significantly flatter and more minimalistic than the previous models. This was only possible because Apple simply chose inferior equipment: the Ethernet port, the FireWire port and the space-consuming CD/DVD drive disappeared.


According to a <#LINK TEXT="report by Macrumors" URL=" who remembered the anniversary, the two Thunderbolt ports remained. There were also two USB-A and one HDMI ports and a card slot. Apple should at the next revision also remove the USB-A ports and the HDMI port and sort out MagSafe. Today the MacBook Pro has more ports again – MagSafe, an SD card slot and even HDMI have come back.

In addition, flash memory instead of a hard drive was installed in the Retina notebook for the first time.

The special thing about the MacBook Pro Retina was not only its visual appearance but above all its display. Apple announced at the time that the so-called retina display with 220 pixels per inch was the world’s highest resolution notebook display. Apple has retained the concept of marketing to this day.


Did you have one of these devices? do you still use it Feel free to write down your experience report and publish it as a comment on this article, we are very excited.

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