Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Apple | A new app doubles the usable display brightness of the Apple MacBook Pro and Pro Display XDR | macbook

Vivid costs 15 euros, but the app can be tried for free. In a short test, the app worked exactly as described by the developer. However, unwanted color shifts can occur when playing videos in Safari and in the Finder as long as Vivid is active. According to Jordi Bruin, the higher brightness does not have a negative impact on the screen’s lifespan.

Although the temperature increases by 5 to 10 percent, the load on the panel and the backlight shouldn’t be higher than, for example, when editing an HDR video, where this higher brightness is available by default. This aligns with Apple’s marketing that the company’s mini-LED displays can maintain 1,000 nits of brightness across the entire screen indefinitely.

updated: We measured the display brightness of the 14-inch MacBook Pro with the Vivid app active. According to this, the app unlocks the full HDR brightness of the screen in SDR mode, so that with a small, white section with otherwise dark screen content, a brightness of 1,609 nits is measured, with normal use 1,309 nits can be achieved, and even with full-surface white the screen at 1,100 nits.


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