Thursday, December 8, 2022

Apple | A test compares the Apple M1 Max of the Mac Studio with a powerful cooling system with the MacBook Pro | macbook

As a Cinebench run shows, there are practically no differences in processor performance, but the chip runs at an average temperature of 85 degrees Celsius in the MacBook Pro and only 59 degrees Celsius in the Mac Studio. Interestingly, the M1 Max consumes around 27 watts in the MacBook Pro at full CPU load, but only 25 watts in the Mac Studio, although the cooling system would offer significantly more headroom for higher clock speeds.

The GFXBench results are similar – the GPU in the MacBook Pro reaches temperatures of up to 93 degrees Celsius, while the Mac Studio can cool the somewhat weaker graphics chip to a comfortable 53 degrees Celsius. All in all, Mac Studio buyers shouldn’t expect the M1 Max to perform better with the larger cooling system, even under sustained loads.

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