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Apple | App turns MacBook Pro into room lighting | macbook

The MacBook Pro with M1 and the Pro Display XDR are equipped with HDR displays. You can achieve a brightness of 1,000 cd/m². But that only works with HDR videos. Normally, the displays only achieve about 500 candelas per square meter.

With Vivid there is now an app that increases the brightness to the technical maximum during normal operation. Of course, this is particularly interesting in very bright surroundings, especially outdoors.


Vivid comes from developer Jordi Bruin, who attentive Mac Life readers still remember from his app Posture Pal know – an iOS app that uses the AirPods to detect and correct posture errors of the user. Bruin co-developed the new Vivid app with Ben Harraway.
The app can be tested for free. One half of the screen is displayed in full brightness like a split screen, the other in the normal system brightness. In this way, users can see how big the difference is and test in different places whether Vivid’s abilities are of any use to them.

If you pay 15 euros, you can use the app for life without restrictions. The operation is very simple: users only have to press the normal brightness buttons to get to the increased brightness mode.

Mac Life tried Vivid on a 2021 MacBook Pro 16-inch and was able to light up a small space with it. The result is literally a night and day difference compared to normal brightness.


who Vivid used, but has to reckon with a significantly reduced battery life. Vivid costs around 15 euros.

What do you think of the app? Have you tried them or even bought them? Feel free to write something about it in the comments, we are curious.

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