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Apple | Apple 2021 MacBook Pro: Audio playback issues | macbook

With the MacBook Pro 16 inch, Apple has updated its bestseller in 2021 and thanks to the new, in-house M1 Pro and M1 Max chip architecture, the return of useful ports and a revised housing, Apple’s flagship has once again positioned itself comfortably at the top of the working devices for professionals. However, some users complain about problems with audio playback.

The annoying noise that appears to occur randomly while playing songs and videos is described by many users as a loud “cracking” or “clicking”. The noise would be louder and more frequent for audio sources with higher frequencies, a high bass content and a high processor load. Both the 16-inch and the 14-inch MacBook Pro are affected, as well as some devices from our editorial team.

The exact reason for this cracking is so far pure speculation in the forums. But it seems to be a software problem. Some resourceful users attribute the cracking to the MacOS kernel’s “coreaudiod” process. As a workaround, they recommend ending the process in the activity monitor (keyboard shortcut: Command+Option+Delete). After the process is restarted by the system, the audio problems would no longer occur for some users.


So far, Apple has not issued a statement or a software fix. Aside from the speaker issue, it also appears that the new M1 Max MacBook Pros and Mac Studio not quite the full Thunderbolt 4 throughput rate reach with all peripheral devices.

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