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Apple | Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch M2: review of the professional laptop | macbook

After many M1 processors, Apple is now bringing the first M2 chip to the people. No, not a new top model, but a new entry-level chip. And it ends up in the smallest professional notebook from Apple, the MacBook Pro 13 inch. The MacBook Air M2 will follow in July 2022.

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A little more Pro

So far there have been four M1 variants: M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max and M1 Ultra. The M2 adopts some technology that was previously reserved for the more expensive chips (Pro, Max and Ultra). For example, the graphics unit in the processor gets two additional cores. In addition, Apple is now also building hardware support for the playback and saving (encoding) of videos into the M2, for example for the in-house professional video format ProRes. Like the chip in the M1, the processor in the M2 has eight cores – four particularly powerful and four particularly efficient. But Apple has revised it again – it runs at a higher speed.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch M2 USB-C sockets

Few connections, but a lot of speed: The two USB-C sockets of the Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch M2 come with USB 4, Thunderbolt 3 and DisplayPort.

Significantly more speed

The new chip gives the MacBook Pro a decent performance boost. It easily gets the top mark of 1.0 with Office programs, and the new MacBook Pro is also very fast with performance-hungry software for photo or video editing. Compared to the predecessor are there up to 48 percent more speed inside. This is particularly noticeable to users of Final Cut Pro, Apple’s in-house video editing program. The additional graphics cores ensure that the MacBook Pro 13 inch is slowly but surely capable of playing games: not with the full screen resolution, but with 1920×1200 pixels. Since the graphics unit calculates on average 53 frames per second – that’s enough for a smooth presentation. Great: The higher speed is not at the expense of the battery life. On the contrary: With over 9 hours, the MacBook Pro 13 inch sets a new record for Apple notebooks. However, the larger sister models MacBook Pro 14 inch and MacBook Pro 16 inch work even faster – especially when Apple’s fastest notebook processor M1 Max is inside.
Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch M2 cooling system

Only visible from below: The cooling system of the Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch M2 is significantly more complex than that of the smaller MacBook Air models.

Faster memory

Apple builds the M1 and M2 processors as a unit with random access memory (RAM). This has advantages and disadvantages: For example, it is not possible to increase the volume later – the RAM must be ordered appropriately when buying. Apple delivers 8 gigabytes of RAM as standard. The tested, larger configuration (Z16SOD/A) comes with it 16 gigabytes – And new to the M2: On request 24 gigabytes possible. The speed of the main memory is very high due to the direct connection to the processor: The M2 is supposed to be here up to 100 gigabytes per second create – it is faster than the M1, but with a clear respectable distance to larger models (Pro, Max – and Ultra, which is in the Mac Studio, for example).

From silent to (somewhat) loud

An important difference between the MacBook Pro and the smaller Air models: the processor in the Pro is cooled by a complex fan system (picture above), the newer Air models “only” have a heat sink. The advantage of active ventilation: The processor in the MacBook Pro runs longer at maximum performance. This is noticeable when cutting longer videos, for example, when you save the finished clip. This is faster with Pro models. The price for this: If the processor sweats longer, the fans turn up slightly. With 3.5 sone under full load the noise level remains tolerable. And more important for most users: In normal operation, the MacBook Pro works silently – then the fans cannot be heard.

Tempo with office programs / in video editing

Game speed (display resolution / 1920 x 1200 pixels)

Image quality (contrast / color fidelity / extended DCI-P3 color space)

Battery life video / charging time

Operating noise ( video / games)

Heat development after 30 minutes of full load (rear)

RAM (built-in / expandable)

Memory: usable size, type

Biometric access locks

13.3 inches, 2560×1600 pixels

1382 grams, PSU 272 grams

very fast (96.8 / 84.2 percent)

still fluid (35 / 53 frames per second)

very high (1782:1 / 98.7% / 95.5%)

very bright (533 candelas/m2)

very long: 9:22 hours / somewhat long: 2:31 hours

silent / quiet (3.5 sone)

16 gigabytes / not possible

971 gigabytes, SSD (fixed, PCIe)

1 x headset, 2 x USB 4 Type C (with DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 3)

WiFi 6 (ax) / Bluetooth 5

good drop and pressure point, pleasant typing experience, multifunctional touch bar / yes / yes / no

large / very precise, extensive gesture control, “simulated” click

Still a top display

Apple has not changed the case including the screen, keyboard and touchpad. This is a good choice for the built-in display, because it is still great: very high-contrast, with crisp, but very accurate color reproduction and a very large color space. And with maximum 533 candelas per square meter also bright enough to work outside on a nice summer day. The MacBook Pro 13 inch also comes with the touch bar (picture above) in the M2 variant. It always adapts to the program that is currently running and, for example, shows buttons for volume and screen brightness in the Finder. However, the bar met with little approval from many Apple users. That’s why it’s missing on the other Pro models. The touchpad sits under the easy-to-use keyboard. Nice and big, very precise, with a great gesture control and a simulated click (the touchpad cannot be pressed down).

  • Very high work pace
  • top display

Test conclusion: Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch M2

A lot of speed, a top screen and an extremely long battery life: That MacBook Pro 13 inch M2 (Test score 1.6) is a great notebook for working on the go and playing games in between. It’s easy to get over the fact that Apple hasn’t redesigned the case. Another point of criticism: Upgrading after purchase is not possible, the surcharges for memory are hefty again.

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