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Apple | Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch 2023: review of the professional laptop | macbook

At the end of 2021, after a long wait, there were completely new professional laptops from Apple again. They are now getting an update with new technology. The top model is the Apple MacBook Pro 2023 with the M2 Max processor. Not a bargain version, even the smallest version of the MacBook Pro 2023 currently (January 2023) costs 3,000 euros, for the tested version even 5,000 euros are due. But that can be money well spent, as the test shows.

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New speed records

The tested variant of the MacBook Pro 16 inch 2023 contains Apple’s most powerful notebook processor, the M2 Max. The difference to the M1 Max in the previous model MacBook Pro 16 inch 2021: There are even more cores in the processor, with the tested stronger version of the M2 Max two computing cores and six graphics cores are added. That makes a total of twelve computing cores (eight fast, four efficient) and 38 graphics cores. That depends MacBook Pro 16 inch 2023 easily beats all previous Apple laptops in terms of speed. With Office programs, however, that is the difference between super fast and even faster – a 2023 model with the smaller M2 Pro processor like that is also sufficient MacBook Pro 14 inch 2023 relaxed. On the other hand, if you want to edit photos and videos or play games, the M2 Max will give you a real boost in speed: games even run that way buttery smooth in full screen resolution (3456×2234 pixels). over the screen. Here the M2 Max creates a whopping 81 frames per second, in reduced resolution (1920×1200 pixels) even 157 frames per second. The M2 Pro in the tested 14-inch model is 46 frames per second at full screen resolution and 100 frames per second at 1920×1200 pixels. In video editing, the speed difference was not quite as big as in gaming: Here, the M1 Max was a good 20 percent faster than the M1 Pro.
Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch 2023

A real improvement in the Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch 2023: Monitors with 8K resolution (7680×4320 pixels) can now also be connected to the HDMI socket.

Often silent, always quiet

Really good: Despite a lot of power, the large MacBook Pro 16 inch 2023 runs very quietly, In normal operation, the fans usually remain off. Even under full load they are nice and quiet with a maximum of 2.2 sone. At 2142 grams, the 16 incher is comparatively light. The MacBook’s battery stores plenty 100 watt hours (the maximum that is allowed to be taken on an airplane) and ensures endurance: In the test it lasted over seven hours and thus lasted a quarter of an hour longer than its predecessor with the M1 Max. Also pleasing: the light but powerful power supply (140 Watt charging capacity, weight 345 grams) fills the battery completely in just under two hours.

Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch 2023

Typical for Apple’s top laptop: The touchpad of the Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch 2023 is huge. Just right for the gesture control of macOS.

The display is a feast for the eyes

Like the smaller 14-inch and 2021 Pro models, the 2023 MacBook Pro 16-inch has a mini-LED display where the screen’s backlight is divided into over 2,000 zones. The brightness distribution can be controlled very finely and the display achieves a Contrast ratio of over 10,000:1 – otherwise only OLED screens are this good. But the display has even more to offer: 7.7 million pixels (3456×2234 pixels) ensure an extremely detailed and super-sharp display. When it comes to color reproduction, it impresses with extreme accuracy and a very large color space (96.9 percent of the cinema standard DCI-P3). Its only weakness: like most glossy displays, it is reflective. However, annoying reflections can be faded out by increasing the screen brightness – the MacBook Pro achieves up to 1,512 candelas per square meter here.

Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch 2023

The built-in webcam of the Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch 2023 is back in the display. The menu bar is shown to the left and right of this.

good sound

One thing in common with the predecessor and the smaller 14-inch model is the speaker system. This is very large for a notebook and uses the ventilation slots for bass reproduction. It’s no substitute for full-blown hi-fi speakers, but it’s better than most notebooks and good enough for video conferencing or an impromptu kitchen party.

Pace with Office programs

Video editing speed

Game speed (display resolution / 1920 x 1200 pixels)

Maximum transfer speed from external SSD to laptop / laptop to external SSD

Image quality (contrast / color fidelity / sRGB color space / extended DCI-P3 color space)

Pixel Density (dots per inch)

Battery life video / charging time

Operating noise ( video / games)

Heat development after 30 minutes of full load (rear)

Weight with battery / power pack with cable

RAM (built-in / expandable)

Memory: usable size, type

WiFi / Bluetooth / Cellular

Webcam / Microphone / Memory card reader

Quality and operation of the keyboard / keyboard lighting / standard layout / standard size navigation keys

Biometric access locks

Touchpad size / quality and operation of the touchpad

Quality and operation of the touch screen

16 inches, 3456 x 2234 pixels

very high (81) / very high (157)

USB 3.2 Gen 2×2: 652.2MB/s / 640MB/s

very high (over 10000:1 / 98.4%) / 100% / 96.9%)

very bright (1512 candelas/m²)

256 dpi at 3456 x 2234 pixels

long (07:10 hrs) / very short (01:58 hrs)

very quiet (0.0 sone) / quiet (2.2 sone)

2142 grams, power adapter 345 grams

64 GB permanently installed / not possible

1948 GB, SSD (fixed, NVMe)

1x headset, 3x USB-C 4 with display port and Thunderbolt 4, HDMI

Wifi 6E (ax) / version 5.3 / not available

present / present / present (SDXC)

macOS 13, Photos, iMovie, Quicktime, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Time Machine

good stroke and pressure point / yes / yes / no

very large / very precise, “simulated” click

A new connection

There is only one change in the connections of the MacBook Pro 16 inch 2023 compared to the previous model: the HDMI socket has become faster and now also allows a monitor to be connected 8K resolution (7680×4320 pixels) or a 4K monitor up to 240 Hertz (Frames per second). Then one can Top gaming monitor dock to MacBook Pro.


MacBook Pro 16″ M2 (2023)

  • Extremely high speed when working
  • Extremely fast in games

Test conclusion: Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch 2023

A real top model: The MacBook Pro 16 inch 2023 (Test grade 1.4) takes the top of the list – with extremely high speed without annoying fan noise, a top display, really good sound from the built-in speakers and on top of that more than seven hours of battery life. But the price is also hefty and a later upgrade is unfortunately not possible.

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