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Apple | Apple MacBook Pro 2021: First points from test reports | macbook

Apple | Apple MacBook Pro 2021: First points from test reports | macbook | apple macbook pro 16 14 inch 2up alt 2 hero screen

Apple has introduced two new MacBooks, the MacBook Pro 14 inch and MacBook Pro 16 inch of the year 2021 can be purchased in various configurations. The keyboard now has a row of function keys, and the Touch Bar has disappeared. The 16-inch device has a 16.2-inch display and the 14-inch device has a 14.2-inch display – both with 120 Hz and Pro-Motion technology. The refresh rate adapts dynamically. It is a Liquid Retina XDR display, which is already known from the Pro Display XDRs. Depending on the user’s choice, the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips are installed – there are quite a number of configuration options (the 14-inch MacBook Pro on the left, the 16-inch bolide on the right:

Apple | Apple MacBook Pro 2021: First points from test reports | macbook | apple chips 2021


The battery life should also be much better than that of the previous models. 14 hours of video playback for the 14 and 21 hours for the 16. Fast Charge charges the notebook to 50 percent in half an hour.

Apple | Apple MacBook Pro 2021: First points from test reports | macbook | 2021 10 18 19 47 16 Apple Events Special Event Stream Apple

This all sounds very exciting – if you need this performance at all. As a screen worker, you may often have this feeling of “fear of missing out”, but the performance offered is probably more used by people who carry out very computationally intensive work on the Mac. In addition to the pure key performance data, the display, connections and a few details could of course also be interesting for “normal” users if they want to apply enough friction between thumb and forefinger. The prices for the new 14? MacBook Pro start at 2,249 euros and 2,024.84 euros for educational institutions; the 16? MacBook Pro starts at 2,749 euros incl. VAT and 2,475.85 euros for educational institutions. For more technical specifications, configuration options and accessories see below apple.com/de/mac accessible.

16 inches:


Apple | Apple MacBook Pro 2021: First points from test reports | macbook | bildschirmfoto 2021 10 25 um 15 44 10

14 inches:

Apple | Apple MacBook Pro 2021: First points from test reports | macbook | bildschirmfoto 2021 10 25 um 15 44 27

What do the first testers say?

The Verge: It’s not really meaningful there. Having had three of these new MacBook Pros for a little less than a week, they’re taking their time with the full review as there’s a lot to talk about and many questions about performance and battery life to be answered. You’ll spend a lot of time testing the new mini-LED display, which supports 120Hz refresh rates, in an in-depth review, but it looks great on first use, with a claimed peak brightness of up to 1,600 nits in the default profile. The sound quality on these devices is incredible – they have six speakers that sound great and support spatial audio. And they can get very loud. The missing center stage of the camera is criticized. In the export of Adobe Premiere 4K, the 16er Pro with M1 Max is the fastest laptop in a test so far.

AnandTech: The M1 Pro and M1 Max completely change the face of the ARM platform at Apple – these designs feel like true SoCs built with power users in mind, with Apple improving performance metrics across all vectors. Big leaps in performance were expected, but not the monstrous increases that the new chips can achieve. The combination of sheer performance, unparalleled acceleration, and sheer power efficiency is something not found on any other platform right now, and one that makes the new MacBooks probably not just the best laptops, but the best machines outright for the task.

Engadget: If you’re a creative professional with a big budget for a new computer and you’re looking for something that will really speed up your workflow, the new MacBook Pros are for you. If you mainly use it for general productivity tasks then I would gravitate towards the 14 inch model which is just easier to carry around. It’s a good option for programmers and people who don’t need that much screen real estate. But every video and audio producer I spoke to agreed: they wanted to make it big with the 16-inch model.

The mirror: The new MacBook Pro offers performance in abundance. It should be completely oversized for the vast majority of users.

cnet: One speaks about what I also think – many certainly do not use the power: “If you’re not really taking advantage of these new hardware features and just want the latest and coolest MacBook, realize that this is a prestige purchase. The plain old $999 MacBook Air with its own M1 chip is still the most universal notebook most people can buy. However, you will have to do without the new 1080p webcam, which is really fantastic.

AlexiBexi: according to Der Spiegel criticizes the “two-processor society”. According to him, Apple “artificially constructs a class division to create diversity that it doesn’t need. Why two processors for Pro models? Is one less professional than the other? Do you question yourself and your work unnecessarily? Why not the best that goes in ›Pro‹ and the rest is ›Otto-Normal‹.«

XDA: The M1 Max MacBook Pro is overkill for most consumers, including the article’s author, despite its semi-professional status as a video content producer. This is a device for real, true creative professionals who need a ton of power on a regular basis to get through their day-to-day work. The Apple MacBook Pro (2021) brings the Pro back to Apple’s line of laptops, and it’s more than lip service.

Of course, there’s also a whole bunch of videos on YouTube – because it’s probably the same content creators who can benefit from these new books – they can all get things done faster. Logo – the creation of content will probably not get faster, but wherever conversion and computing power is required, a new MacBook Pro could be a pleasure. Or simply because you want to afford it, because it already offers a better display than the MacBook Air – and also more connections. MacBook More so to speak.


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