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Apple | Apple MacBook Pro (2021): Keller prices today at Amazon | macbook

Buy Apple MacBook Pro (2021).

Our price recommendation: The popular MacBook Pro with 14″ and 512 GB memory you can currently get it at the best price on Amazon. The color silver is currently available here for 2,079 euros in stock.


In the colours: Silver | Space Gray

The bestseller: Only that sells even better Apple MacBook Pro (2021) with 14″ and 1TB memory. The larger model has more storage capacity and more power. At Amazon you can get it today for 2,389 euros.

In the colours: Silver | Space Gray

Our readers’ bestsellers:

Shop MacBook Pro 2021 in Media Markt & Saturn

The competition also wants to keep up. At Saturn it is Bestselling MacBook Pro with 16.2″ and 512 GB available for 2,469 euros. Since the Apple MacBook Pros are very popular, availability can change very quickly. That’s why we always keep this article up to date.

At least the smaller models are reasonably reliably in stock at Media Markt and Saturn. Also at at Saturn you can get the model with 16″ and 512 GB (in silver) delivered quickly online. At Media Markt the model (in silver) is also available online and currently costs 2,469 euros.

MacBook Pro 2021 at other retailers

MacBook Pro 2021
The MacBook Pro 2021 Photo: iStock/Natalia SERDYUK

These MacBook Pro 2021 models are available

Since October 26, 2021 is the new Apple MacBook Pro available. You can get the luxurious 2021 version of the notebook directly from Apple, but also from stores like Amazon, Saturn and Media Markt. Various versions are available with a 14 or 16 inch display as well as different memory sizes and the built-in processor/graphics card chips (M1 Pro and M1 Max) in the colors space gray and silver.

MacBook Pro 14″ 512GB

The new MacBook Pro is generally available from around 2,100 euros. Check all availabilities here Amazon, Saturn and media market. Some of the models are currently in stock ready for dispatch, others can already be pre-ordered.

MacBook Pro 14″ 1TB

The 14-inch model with 1 TB of storage and a slightly more powerful chip cost 2,749 euros at launch. at Saturn, media market and Amazon the model is also available – sometimes with a delivery time of just a few days. Here you can get the MacBook Pro 14″ starting at 2,469 euros. To the price check:

MacBook Pro 16″ 1TB

The top model with a 16-inch display, M1 Max chip with a 32-core graphics processor and 32 GB of RAM is only available with 1 TB of storage space. at Saturn, Amazon and media market it looks more difficult with the availability at the moment. Our tip: Check regularly for a restock. Here you can Also look at Saturn for other Macbook Pro variants.

The alternatives:

Microsoft Surface: Get it now on Amazon

Lenovo Tablet M10: At Media Markt today at the lowest price

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: dust off at Amazon today

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