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Apple | Apple MacBook Pro: The list of problems grows with user complaints about the SD card reader | macbook

In a thread that is now nine pages long in the MacRumor’s forum dozens of users complain about problems with the SD card reader of the new MacBook Pro (approx. 2,200 euros on Amazon). Some memory cards don’t appear to be readable at all, while others work, but the data transfer rates are significantly slower than they should be.

Some users report that memory cards are sometimes not recognized for more than 30 seconds after being inserted, while other users report that the same memory card regularly produces error messages, but can occasionally be read without problems. The tested SD memory cards should be easily recognized by other readers. Even reformatting directly from the MacBook Pro doesn’t help.

The brand, the capacity or even the supported SD standard doesn’t seem to matter – the card reader simply doesn’t work as expected in many cases, although the same memory cards are easily recognized with a USB-C reader. In some cases, Apple replaced the MacBook Pro with a new device, which resolved the issues.

It’s currently unclear if this is a hardware or software issue, but since macOS 12 has had more than a few issues, it wouldn’t be surprising if this is another operating system bug. Apple’s support has told an affected customer that the group is aware of the problem, and a solution is said to be in the works.

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