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Nothing for tight budgets

Apple sells the latest models in the MacBook Pro series in two sizes: with screen diagonals of 36 and around 41 centimeters (14.2 and 16.2 inches). Both are expensive, depending on the equipment, the smaller device is available from 2,250 euros, the larger from 2,750 euros. In the most expensive version, the mobile computer costs more than 6,800 euros.

We tested the two cheapest variants, each with 16 gigabytes of RAM and a 512 gigabyte internal SSD memory.

The new ones pass everyone

For these steep prices you get the best of its kind. The larger MacBook Pro catapults itself to the top of our laptop comparison and performs better than all mobile computers before it. The smaller model is only slightly behind, which is mainly due to the shorter battery life.

Apple’s own processor is strong

Both versions benefit from Apple’s own M1 Pro processor. We tested the ten-core processor on the 16-inch model and the eight-core processor on the 14-inch model.

Thanks to M1 Pro, the computers are extremely powerful and very fast. For typical purposes such as surfing the Internet, managing files, editing videos and photos or playing 3D games, they run like clockwork.

More than Ottilie Normal needs

The current MacBooks Pro offer more performance than normal users need and are primarily suitable for all those who frequently edit videos or use other graphics and computing-intensive applications.

Despite the high workload, the fan is quiet – a big plus for everyday use.

The display is remarkable

The two displays with a very high resolution are also top notch. They are based on a new technology that uses thousands of mini LEDs.

We measured a very high brightness and an impressive black level. This enables a rich black and a great contrast – more details become visible. Our testers saw an even higher brightness in videos in HDR quality.

More connections, more options

Apple MacBook Pro - Two new heroes

Useful jacks. The computers offer, among other things, a magnetic charging connection, USB-C connections and a headphone connection. © Stiftung Warentest / Ralph Kaiser

The devices are easy to put into operation and handle, daily use is a pleasure. Especially if you are at home in the Apple world – the computers run on Apple’s own MacOS 12 operating system.

They offer many connections, recently also an SD card reader for transferring photos and videos. That hasn’t been the case with MacBooks for a long time.

There are also three USB-C Thunderbolt 4 sockets with high transfer rates, an HDMI port for connecting a monitor and a magnetic charging port (MagSafe), which charges the battery particularly quickly. A connection for headphones is also available.

A battery runs and runs

The battery of the large MacBook Pro lasts an impressive 14 hours and 30 minutes when playing videos with comparable brightness, while that of the small MacBook Pro still lasts 11 hours and 40 minutes. Both are fully charged in around two hours.

Also heavyweight on the scales

Comfort and work performance are proverbially important, and the new ones are less suitable for on the go.

Although the smaller MacBook Pro can pass as an ultrabook due to its dimensions, it is not particularly light at 1.6 kilograms. The large MacBook Pro is more of a heavyweight at around 2.1 kilograms.

But both are robust: They passed our drop test without major injuries.

Conclusion: Top recommendation – but not for everyone

The new MacBooks Pro are the best mobile computers on the market and top devices for computing-intensive applications. However, if you mainly want to do office work, you don’t have to dig so deep into your pocket and you will find good mobile computers in the test that are cheaper in our database.

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