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Apple | Apple: New Macbook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 Max: release, price and specifications | macbook

Without a big release event, Apple presented its new Macbook Pro models on Tuesday. Via press release and video release the new generation of the blockbuster was released. The main focus is on Apple’s own chips, which replace the previous Intel processors.

New Macbook Pro: This is what the M2 Pro and M2 Max processors can do

The devices are to come on the market as 14 and 16 inch versions, as before. The real novelty are the two new processors that Apple is launching: M2 Pro and M2 Max.


The processors should bring even more performance, says Apple. They are also said to bring “the longest battery life ever in a Mac”. The battery of the new generation should last up to 22 hours. The new chips also offer “improved purpose-built technologies,” according to Apple. These include a powerful media engine and a faster 16-core neural engine.

This should be particularly worthwhile for professional users. According to the company, the new generation should be able to render videos up to six times faster and also carry out color corrections twice as fast as the previously fastest MacBook with the purchased Intel processors.

The new models should also bring a faster WLAN connection, provided the router supports the 6 GHz band. The new HDMI connections are said to support 8K displays for the first time.

“The MacBook Pro with Apple chips changed everything, giving pros the power to take their workflows to the next level on the go and do things they never thought possible on a laptop,” said Greg Joswiak, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing at Apple, quoted in the press release.


How much does the new MacBook Pro cost?

Those who want one of the new M2 Pro or M2 Max processors will dig a little deeper into their pockets than before. The cheapest model with a 14-inch screen should cost 2399 euros. For comparison: the comparable model of the previous generation cost 2249 euros.

Macbooks with a 16-inch screen are available from 2999 euros. The most powerful model with an M2 Max chip, 32 gigabytes of RAM and 1 terabyte SSD costs 4149 euros.

When can you buy the new MacBook Pro?

Since January 17, 2023, the Macbook Pro models with the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips can be ordered on the Apple website and in Apple Stores. They will be delivered from January 24, 2023 and should then also be available from authorized dealers.

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