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Apple | Bloomberg: MacBook Pro not until September | macbook

Halyna Kubiv

There is no question that Apple is introducing new Macbooks Pro with the M1X or M2 chips. The only question remains when.


There have long been rumors about the successor to the current Macbook Pro 16 inch – this is the hottest candidate for the next generation of M chips, and the notebook was last updated in autumn 2019. While different sources agree on the features and looks of the successor – M1X or M2, mini-OLED screen, – the release date has long remained controversial.


In the spring, Ming-Chi Kuo still predicted that the new Macbooks Pro would come in the summer, before WWDC 2021 it was speculated that Apple could present new devices at its developer conference. At the moment it looks like Apple will only introduce the updated Macbooks Pro in the fall. This also affirms

Mark Gurman from “Bloomberg”
so Apple will introduce the Pro devices in the period from September to November.

Three possible dates in autumn

In itself, this prediction no longer requires internal sources at Apple, but only the event calendar and the newsroom archive at Apple for the past few years: There is still a small probability that Apple will be able to present the new Macbooks Pro in a press release in August . After all, Apple updated the iMac 27 inch in August 2020, but the extent of the innovations that will appear with the next Macbooks Pro speaks against it: Apple likes to hold an extra keynote for this. The next keynote will most likely take place on September 14, where the manufacturer will present the next iPhone.

A dedicated keynote in October is also possible, because the M1 successor and the new mini-OLED display alone are important enough to fill a good half hour of the keynote. If Apple is still preparing the high-end notebook with a revised design and the 14-inch screen, as planned, this is reason enough to hold a separate keynote dedicated solely to Macbooks. Later in the year, Apple very rarely launches new products, because then the Christmas sales season has already started, this is the most lucrative at Apple, by then iPhones, Macbooks, Apple Watches should have made it to the charging counter, where they can be picked up by customers .

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