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Apple | Delivery only in July: China lockdown hits Apple MacBook Pro hard | macbook

If you are currently considering buying an Apple MacBook Pro, you may have to expect longer waiting times. The background to this is the production outages caused by the corona lockdown in Shanghai, China.

Like the Taiwan branch service DigiTimes reported that due to the lockdown measures taken by the Chinese government in the metropolitan area around the metropolis of Shanghai, there are delays in the production of the current versions of the Apple MacBook Pro. The devices are manufactured exclusively in a large plant belonging to the contract manufacturer Quanta in Shanghai.

Although the plant has not been affected by the lockdown measures since last week, production has not yet started up again at full scale. According to Quanta, the capacity utilization of the Shanghai plant was only around 30 percent recently and the capacity is currently being increased step by step to 50 percent and more.

Suppliers also have to start up parts production again first

Quanta is the only manufacturer that builds the current MacBook Pros for Apple. The Shanghai plant is also practically the only location where Quanta builds the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. In addition to Quanta itself, the suppliers are also important in the manufacture of the devices.


Since their work was largely suspended during the lockdown in Shanghai that has been in place since April, the suppliers of the components also have to increase production again. According to the report, those who currently want to buy a MacBook Pro will have to wait until the middle or end of July, as demand still far exceeds availability.

The availability problems with the current MacBook Pro models are also noticeable on the German Apple website, because the manufacturer only gives vague delivery dates for most models, all of which are in July.

Apple, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro 2021

Apple, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro 2021

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