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Apple | Double brightness for MacBook Pro and Pro Display XDR › | macbook

A new Mac application promises to make the brightness reserves that Apple’s current MacBook Pro models (the 14 and 16-inch models from 2021) and the Monitor Pro Display XDR bring with them accessible for regular use in everyday use.

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So far, the MacBook Pro and the Pro Display XDR reserve their maximum brightness of up to 1600 nits for HDR films and for specially prepared metal applications. The newly released desktop application Vivid should now also make this potential available to all other applications.


Risk-free split-screen test

Vivid thus offers what was recently implemented by the Mac application Lunar, but allows the function to be tested without obligation before the app is upgraded to the full version by purchasing the 15-euro license.

In test mode, Vivid works in split-screen mode and shows side by side what difference the application can tease out of the monitors in terms of brightness.

Split screen overlay

According to the responsible developer Jordi Bruin, Vivid should be able to more than double the brightness in continuous operation from 500 to over 1000 nits, but continues to rely on the control of the display brightness using the standard control buttons.


Continuous operation is possible

Does this affect life expectancy? A good question that developer Bruin does not answer himself but quotes Apple. According to Cupertino, at least the Pro Display XDR can be used continuously with a brightness of 1000 nits (as is the case, for example, when editing HDR videos). Accordingly, it can be assumed that the current MacBook Pro models shouldn’t have any problems with the brightness boost. However, where Vivid is likely to make itself felt is the battery life of the MacBook Pro

According to Bruin, you have to be prepared for a slightly higher display temperature of plus 5-10 percent, otherwise the macOS operating system would take care of throttling the brightness in case of doubt.

The download waiting for you here.

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