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Apple | For whom is the new Apple MacBook Pro 14 worth it? | macbook

If you’re not sure if you need the extra power of the new M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, you probably don’t need them and will be perfectly happy with the regular Apple M1. The MacBook Pro 13 M1 seems a bit immature because it only offers slightly more performance than the MacBook Air M1 under constant load (thanks to active cooling) and we also prefer the normal special keys to the Touch Bar in the Pro 13.

The new MacBook Pro 14 should be viewed more as a powerful multimedia notebook or compact workstation that is primarily aimed at programmers or content creators who work a lot with high-resolution videos and ideally even HDR content in order to use the new mini-LED to really use the panel. Here you also get one of the most efficient devices on the market, against which the competition from Intel, AMD & and Nvidia currently looks pretty pale.

On the other hand, if you don’t fall into this category, you will most likely be well served with the more compact MacBook Air M1 and even save a lot of money. With comparable storage equipment (512 GB SSD & 16 GB RAM) you save at least 600 euros, whereby the cheaper 8 GB version is also perfectly sufficient for many everyday things.


For more information on the three devices, we refer to our detailed test reports, which will hopefully make your purchase decision easier:

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