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Apple | Free forever: College students get MacBook Pro, iPad Mini and Apple Pencil | macbook



If you register here, you don’t have to worry about bad equipment. Art students receive a MacBook Pro with an M1 chip and an iPad Mini with an Apple Pencil free of charge. There’s a catch.

Apple hardware is designed to attract students.

Apple hardware is designed to attract students. (Source: Apple)

  • Bowdoin College in Brunswick presents freshmen with plenty of Apple hardware.
  • MacBook Pro 13, iPad Mini and Apple Pencil are attractive.
  • After completing the course, graduates can purchase the hardware for a symbolic dollar.

The backpack full of books and in the lectures people eagerly take digital notes with a ballpoint pen instead of with good equipment: Pupils and students in Germany know this only too well. Brunswick College in the US state of Maine shows that things could be different.

Anyone who enrolls here for an art course gets the Apple products mentioned for free and can even keep them at the end of the course. Teaching material, exercises and the required software are all pre-installed on the devices. This is reported by the US portal MacRumors. Clearly, there’s a catch to the college’s “Groundbreaking Digital Excellence Commitment,” and that lies in its overall tuition fees.


Because the estimated costs per academic year are per participant at 76,310 US dollars (67,305 euros), it says elsewhere on the college website. However, the institution promises numerous financial supports that need to be clarified individually.

Nevertheless, the Apple package could be an incentive for many interested parties. A MacBook Pro 13 currently costs at least 1,450 euros. The iPad Mini 6 costs at least 550 euros. Added to this are the costs for the second-generation Apple Pencil (135 euros).

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