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Actually, the two devices from the home of the Californian group from Cupertino are not even that different. They even share most of the tasks they are supposed to do: you can surf the web with them, shop online, check e-mails, edit videos or even play games. But you still ask yourself the question: iPad Pro or MacBook Pro? We will continue to help.

iPad Pro vs. MacBook Pro: A clear comparison

Although the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro are so similar, their users have different priorities to fulfill. Although you can be sure of a clever everyday helper with both devices, only one of the two apple representatives shines in certain areas. So that you can get a rough overview, we present you with a few core properties:

iPad Pro MacBook Pro
light, portable and versatile ideal for multitasking
Touchscreen with support for the Apple Pencil excellent data management
simple, intuitive user interface countless customization options
limited multitasking possible no touchscreen
limited support for external devices and displays User interface can be confusing at first
iPad Pro vs. MacBook Pro at a glance

As you have probably already noticed, the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro only differ in detail. Both devices are getting closer and closer and especially with the invention of Apple’s Magic Keyboard including support for an external mouse for the iPadOS, you can now even turn your iPad Pro into a small laptop. Meanwhile, the manufacturer is now also relying on Apple Silicon for the MacBook Pro in order to ensure a uniform processor line between the Apple products.

Conversely, the MacBook Pro cannot be turned into a handy, finger-sensitive tablet. This is probably the most massive difference between the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. While you can use the iPad Pro almost anywhere, including standing in the bus, lying in your bed or simply at your desk, you always need a smooth surface for its counterpart to work with.

The MacBook, in turn, relies on customization. It lets you use a lot more software since you have access to non-App Store applications. Many options are also unimaginable on the iPad and connecting to other devices is a snap of the fingers.

Versatility and Ease of Use

In these two points, Apple’s iPad Pro and MacBook Pro differ little. However, when it comes to ease of use, the former is likely to have the edge. As already mentioned, you can use it in almost all situations and even if you prefer something more static, this is possible in no time with the in-house Magic Keyboard.


But the MacBook Pro also fascinates its users time and again with its lightness, especially in comparison to its main competitor Microsoft. While Windows still represents a labyrinth of settings for many people even after decades, it is so easy to use with MacOS, which is increasingly based on its little brother, the iOS of the iPhones.

Nevertheless, a MacBook Pro with its wealth and depth of options is a much more complex device than that iPad Pro. If this is too much for you, you would probably be better off with the manufacturer’s tablet, but this point can definitely be seen as an advantage.

Multitasking: is the iPad Pro pushing its limits?

When it comes to multitasking, the MacBook Pro is the clear winner. In comparison, working with more than one application on the iPad Pro at the same time is rather rudimentary. Although two apps can be displayed side by side in Split View and there is also a Picture-in-Picture feature, having to switch back and forth with more than two applications can quickly become an annoying process.

The whole thing looks different with the MacBook Pro. There is no upper limit at all here, you can use as many applications at the same time as you can imagine. For example, you can chat with a colleague in a relaxed manner in a zoom meeting while you export a video, check your e-mails and finish writing a text.

Different monitors will probably help you with this. The MacBook Pro wins here too, because the external display support of the iPad Pro is limited, if at all.

Touchscreen and support for Apple Pencil

As already mentioned, the touchscreen and the support for the Apple Pencil are exclusive features of the iPad Pro, which the MacBook Pro is likely to miss sorely.

While the feature is probably just a positive side effect for some, it offers the decisive advantage, especially for graphic designers, artists and anyone who likes to make a digital creation tool out of their Apple device.

As a MacBook Pro user, you have only one alternative: you would have to buy a special drawing tablet for professionals, which ends up costing even more than the iPad Pro.

5 customization options the iPad Pro lacks

The MacBook Pro also gives you various options for personal customization of your Apple device that you won’t find on the iPad Pro. You can find a few examples here:

  1. You can determine the resolution of your screen or an external display yourself.
  2. You can manage your data, files and apps without additional applications.
  3. You have additional printer and scanner features.
  4. A sophisticated battery management is at your disposal.
  5. You can install applications and software that you didn’t necessarily find in the App Store.

The last point in particular should provide a good argument against the iPad Pro and for the MacBook Pro for many users who are more technically savvy. But the additional options for external devices such as screens or printers are not to be scoffed at either.

Nothing for software specialists

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint anyone who thinks of programming with an iPad Pro: Apple’s professional tablet is absolutely nothing for software developers and those who would like to become one.

iPad Pro doesn’t support Xcode, nor can you use other software development tools. The manufacturer has not done much to change this to date.

The only way to program with an iPad Pro is through online tools like GitPod. However, these may not be sufficient for professional software development and you would need a handful of other devices anyway to check your work for errors.

The final verdict: iPad Pro vs. MacBook Pro

It remains to be said right away: Neither of the two Apple devices is fundamentally bad. Also, a clear winner in the duel iPad Pro vs. MacBook Pro can only be determined to a limited extent. Because, as is so often the case, it depends on the specific area of ​​application in which you use one of the two gadgets.

For example, a graphic designer who travels a lot anyway in search of the right inspiration should find the iPad Pro better than the MacBook Pro. The Apple Pencil support and the touchscreen are primarily responsible for this, but it is also the tablet’s handiness that offers the advantage here.

However, a programmer should always rely on the MacBook Pro. The iPad Pro clearly stands out here in terms of customization options, especially with regard to the software and the simple connection to other devices and screens. You can find out here which Apple product we will definitely have to do without in 2022. And who is currently dominating the market, Samsung or Apple?

Sources: own research, Lifewire

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