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Apple | [Kaufberatung] – Dual monitor setup for MacBook Pro i7 | macbook

Good morning,
I’ve been using an MBP from 2020 on an HP Thunderbolt Dock for a few days now. So far I have the Windows setup with 1x 31.5″ (ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD) and a simple Terra 24″ monitor. With the MBP, the picture no longer looks as charming on the large one with 91ppi. Therefore, 2 of the same size should come from now. I prefer 2x 27″ – but I would also be taught a better one.

Due to the extremely good course, this one caught my eye:

Now I’ve also found this one, which also seems pretty good (at least according to Prad).
LG 32UN880-B

I primarily oriented myself here to the resolution / PPI and left the 60Hz out for the time being.

If relevant:
Home office, IT consulting without coding, Photoshop or anything else “complicated”.

I’m happy about opinions.

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