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Apple | Leak: MacBook Pro M2 Max and M2 Pro won’t come until 2023 | macbook

Anyone who had hoped to treat themselves to a Mac of the latest design in November will obviously be disappointed. As Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman wrote in his weekend newsletter, his sources told him that Apple has decided not to introduce new computer models until next spring after all. Previously had been a South Korean blogger similar claims.


This should affect both the MacBook Pro machines with M2 Max and M2 Pro – in 14 and 16 inch versions – which are actually expected for the coming month, as well as the overdue Mac mini M2 and the long-awaited first Mac Pro with Apple Silicon . The first quarter of calendar year 2023 is now being targeted – along with the release of macOS 13.3 and iOS 16.3, which are currently expected for early February or early March.

January and February are not typical Mac dates for Apple, which is why Gurman expects that the new machines will not be available until the first half of March. Most recently, Apple introduced the new Mac Studio in March 2022, a completely new Mac line. Apple boss Tim Cook emphasized when announcing Apple’s quarterly figures last week that the product pipeline for the Christmas quarter was “set”. At the same time, CFO Luca Maestri had warned that a challenging Mac quarter was on the horizon because there was no MacBook Pro M1 Max and M1 Pro this year like last year.


Users have also been waiting a long time for the Mac mini, which Apple last overtook in 2020 with an M1 SoC. With the machine, it was unclear for a long time whether Apple was even pursuing it. Now it is said that there will be a Mac mini M2 – probably with an M2 chip like in the MacBook Air M2 and MacBook Pro M2 with 13 inches. Apple is said to be testing internally and wants to publish in the spring. The M2 Max in the new MacBook Pro should have two more CPU cores than the M1 Max in the best configuration, as well as a maximum of 38 GPU cores instead of just 32.

The Mac Pro is now officially too late with Apple’s alleged decision for spring. According to the plan, the device was supposed to appear in 2022, because Apple had promised a complete transition to Apple Silicon 2020 within two years. Unfortunately, this bar has now been torn. Between 24 and 48 CPU cores with 76 to 152 GPU cores are planned. There is said to be up to 256 GB of RAM in there. How Apple deals with expansion cards – i.e. whether there will be PCIe – is still completely unclear.

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