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Apple | Leaker: 16″ MacBook Pro and 14″ MacBook Pro come with identical M1X CPU | news | macbook

Apple | Leaker: 16" MacBook Pro and 14" MacBook Pro come with identical M1X CPU | news | macbook | macbookpro 16 rendering.560767Apple | Leaker: 16" MacBook Pro and 14" MacBook Pro come with identical M1X CPU | news | macbook | macbookpro 16 rendering.560767The 16″ MacBook Pro still belongs to the ranks of computers from Cupertino, which are powered by an Intel processor. Some variants of the smaller 13-inch device still have x64 CPUs. However, it is generally expected that Apple in continues to push the switch to the in-house chips for notebooks this fall and presents a 14″ MacBook Pro and a 16″ MacBook Pro with ARM SoC.

MacBook Pro in two sizes but with identical CPUs
Apple should present the two new notebooks by November at the latest, according to journalist and Apple expert Mark Gurman. In addition, the 14″ MacBook Pro and the 16-inch version have apparently already appeared in a regulator’s database (see ). The leaker dylandkt, whose forecasts have recently proven to be quite accurate, now comes up with a clear statement in connection with the processors for the two devices: In one tweet he reports that both new notebooks from Cupertino will be equipped with the same chip.

Differences in GPU and RAM possible
According to dylandkt, both the new 14″ MacBook Pro and the upcoming 16″ MacBook Pro are powered by an M1X. If this forecast is correct, Apple would say goodbye to the traditional practice of offering the larger device with significantly more powerful CPUs, at least for the time being. According to the leaker, the two future devices will basically have identical performance. However, it is considered likely that there could still be differences, for example with regard to the GPU and RAM equipment. Both would naturally have a not inconsiderable influence on the computing power. The leaker also assumes that Apple has set the price for the 14″ MacBook Pro significantly higher than the current 13″ MacBook Pro M1, partly because of the significantly more powerful CPU. This is available from 1,449 euros, while Apple’s cheapest 13-inch notebook with an Intel CPU costs at least 2,129 euros.


13″ MacBook Pro M1 in the Apple online store
13″ MacBook Pro M1 at Amazon

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