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Apple | Leaker: Apple allegedly reaches the price of the new MacBook Pro | macbook

How Apple will market its new MacBook Pro machines with second-generation Apple silicon technology has not yet been leaked. Now a well-known leaker has spread information about it for the first time. In his view, Apple’s hardware that will be released in the fall will be made more expensive – especially the 14-inch model that is supposed to replace the 13-inch variant.


On the other hand, the performance of the 14-inch model is comparable to that of the future 16-inch model, writes “Dylankt”, who has been accurate in the past. on twitter. Both variants are said to be equipped with the same M1X chip. Opposite to MacRumors the leaker added that the starting price of the 14-inch model could roughly correspond to the price of the current 13-inch top configuration of 2359 euros (Intel) (American tariff: 2000 US dollars).


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More from Mac & i

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More from Mac & i

Apple would thus make the entry-level version of the MacBook Pro much more expensive. Currently you pay 1450 euros for the M1 machine – but Intel variants are still offered. “Dylankt” still thinks Apple’s decision makes sense: Users who need the best possible performance but at the same time demand a compact computer would have won – albeit at a significantly higher price.

The “M1X” should again increase significantly compared to the current M1 – with more cores and GPU units. Apple recently equipped its iMac with an M1 chip. In addition to the MacBook Pro variants – which, in addition to the new mini LED screens, are also supposed to have more connections again – a new, ARM-supported Mac mini professional model with M1X should also be coming onto the market soon. Apple wants to complete the switch from Intel within two years. The new MacBook Pro series can be expected from this fall. Possibly as early as September.


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