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Apple | Mac Studio with long delivery times – MacBook Pro BTO from refurb warehouse › | macbook

After the current Mac Book Pro models have been available for the past week Apple Refurb Store are available, Apple has now filled its virtual shelves there with various “Built to Order” variants (BTO). These are devices that have been customized as part of an order, that have been configured with higher performance or expanded memory and have now at least partially ended up back in the Apple warehouses as returns.

Apple Macbook Pro 14 Refurbished

The currently available offers range up to devices configured with maximum equipment. For example, there is currently one in the Apple Refurb Store MacBook Pro 14″ M1 Max chip with 10 core CPU and 32 core GPU, which is also equipped with 64 GB of RAM and 8 TB of SSD storage space. You would normally pay 6,659 euros for this configuration, the refurb model offered by Apple is available with a price reduction of 600 euros.


While the MacBook Pro with this equipment probably only appeals to a very limited group of buyers, some of the special configurations of the computer currently available in the refurb store are definitely worth considering. Models that have been reconfigured accordingly are usually not offered by other dealers, and the significantly longer waiting times that are usually associated with a BTO order can be skipped in this way. These currently amount to up to six weeks for the MacBook Pro.

Mac Studio and Studio Display still lagging behind

When we talk about long delivery times, the new ones are too Macstudio and the associated presented Apple Studio Display worth a mention. Anyone who orders the Mac Studio with an M1 Ultra processor today will have to wait two and a half months, even without making any changes to the configuration. With the Apple Studio Display, you currently have to wait between two and two and a half months for delivery, regardless of whether you order it with a standard or height-adjustable stand.Apple | Mac Studio with long delivery times – MacBook Pro BTO from refurb warehouse › | macbook | c30f1fd4b6e945bb82fa93f974384e93

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