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Apple | MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13″ (2014): Apple to discontinue hardware support soon | News | macbook

Apple | MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13" (2014): Apple to discontinue hardware support soon | News | macbook | macbookair2014.469357Apple | MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13" (2014): Apple to discontinue hardware support soon | News | macbook | macbookair2014.469357Of course, products that Apple no longer sells still receive a hardware service: the company and its authorized service partners offer repairs if spare parts are in stock. The situation is more difficult with Macs or iDevices, which the group has not offered for more than five and less than seven years: These fall into the “vintage” category, Apple no longer manufactures replacement parts for the affected products. If the device was taken off the market more than seven years ago, it is considered “discontinued”: In these cases, a hardware service is categorically excluded. At the end of the month, three of the manufacturer’s notebooks made it onto this list.

Repairs for three MacBooks will soon be almost impossible
According to an internal memo, which MacRumors Apple is planning to expand the list of discontinued products by three models: From April 30 of this year, repairs at Apple or at certified authorized workshops will no longer be possible for three computers. Specifically, this is the MacBook Air with an 11 and 13-inch screen from 2014. The MacBook Pro 13″ (2014) is also affected. If users want to fix a defect after this date, they must go to an independent repair service provider or According to the memo, however, there is one exception: In selected countries, it is still possible to replace the battery for a limited period of time, with states such as Turkey and California making longer hardware support mandatory.

On the software side, macOS 11 is the end
The MacBook Air of 2014 came onto the market with the Intel Core i5 as a two-core processor; the Core i7 with a higher clock rate and four to eight gigabytes of RAM was optionally available. The 11-inch version was discontinued two years after the market launch, but Apple stuck to the 13-inch model – the current series already uses its own M1 chip. All three notebooks were delivered with OS X Mavericks, macOS Big Sur marks the end of official software support.


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