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Apple | MacBook Air and MacBook Pro entertainment performance | macbook

In summer 2022 it was that time again, Apple released new editions of the popular MacBooks, this time even with a new chip. Since then, the M2 chip has replaced the successful M1 chip, which applies to both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. But what can both models do in the area of ​​entertainment or gaming? And what are the differences between Air and Pro? We took a look at that and look at the latest models from 2022.

Technical and optical specifications

Let’s first take a look at the technology and the look of the two latest MacBook models. The MacBook Air M2 is available in four different colors; the midnight and polar star colors have been newly developed. Space gray and silver remained.

The MacBook Pro M2 is only available in the colors space gray and silver. In terms of size, the MacBook Air with a 13.6-inch screen is slightly ahead of the MacBook Pro with a 13.3-inch screen.

In terms of CPU and GPU, both products are on par with 10 cores or 24 gigabytes, the same applies to the 2 TB storage space.

In terms of battery life, the MacBook Pro is slightly ahead of the MacBook Air (18 hours) at up to 20 hours. Furthermore, the Pro model is equipped with a touch bar, which is completely missing on the Air model. Both batteries are charged with the popular MegSafe cable, which is included in the selected MacBook color. If you do without MegSafe, it is also possible to charge with a USBC cable.


The screen type, on the other hand, differs, the MacBook Air is equipped with a Liquid Retina display and notch in the middle, while Apple uses a retina display with LED backlighting for the Pro.

Gaming and fun with both products

In the past few months, the gaming industry in Germany has once again grown enormously. This is not least due to mobile end devices such as our smartphones or tablets, which are currently conquering the market with a wide variety of games, overtaking consoles and PCs as the most popular platforms. Sub-sectors such as the iGaming industry have also gained popularity and are showing enormous growth. Professionals recognize that while laptops and computers are still in demand, the pros of however, see the quality of mobile handling as one of the most important criteria for users. This shows that the entire industry is oriented towards the wishes and ideas of the users, which is why the focus is increasingly being placed on mobile devices.

iGaming is not a problem even with the new Apple products, but if you are looking for a few classics from the gaming sector, you will not find them here. Unfortunately, popular games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty or sports games from EA Sports cannot be played on either the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro model. Although it is theoretically possible to install the games with various technical tricks, it is not recommended due to the considerable software changes.

Fortunately, Macbook users don’t have to do without games entirely. Among others, the following titles can be played with both models:

In the manager game developed by SEGA, you slip into the role of a football manager and are made familiar with the skills of a real manager. The game is highly complex and demanding, which is particularly convincing for those interested in football who want to control what is happening even from the sidelines.

  • Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter Strike is considered one of the most successful game series ever. Meanwhile, players from all over the world compete against each other. The goal is always to eliminate the opposing player and stay alive as long as possible. Gaming platform Steam even offers a free download.

Fortnite was released in 2017 and managed to become a classic at a record-breaking pace. Here, too, it is important to survive and eliminate other players. The game is played in a comic style, which suits the game quite well.

Watch movies and stream music with MacBook

In addition to gaming, the film and music industries are also among the winners of streaming culture. Of course, Apple knows this like no other company and develops its devices in such a way that they meet the needs of the users.

The loudspeakers of the two models made impressive progress compared to the previous models. Either MacBook Air as well as the MacBook Pro have been equipped with modern loudspeakers, so that even at the highest level no sound is distorted. Both models have also been equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack with advanced support for high impedance headphones. Impedance is an engineering term. The higher an impedance, the more voltage is needed to make headphones sound loud and clear.

If users are not a big fan of large external headphones, Apple’s AirPods are certainly the first choice. All models harmonize with both MacBooks and ensure a sound experience that leaves nothing to be desired, including an uncomplicated and intuitive connection.

The difference in everyday life – Air vs. Pro

It can already be seen from the history that Apple is well-versed in addressing different target groups with both models. While the MacBook Air is considered a bit lighter, smaller and more compact, the MacBook Pro is traditionally considered a work machine with incredibly high computing power.

In terms of design, the MacBook Air is a little ahead of the Pro model in surveys, which is certainly due to the different colors and the slightly slimmer height (1.13 cm vs. 1.56 cm).

Both computers are completely convincing in the everyday test and maintenance performance test. Music, games and films run almost identically on both models. The performance is no longer quite as identical, for example, when films are cut or high-resolution images are designed. Here the MacBook Pro is slightly ahead of the Air model.

It is precisely this slight superiority that Apple naturally charges for. The Pro model is an average of 150 euros higher than the MacBook Air. Pupils and students receive the same as usual a discount on Apple products, you should purchase them directly from the Apple website. A price comparison is worthwhile, because the final prices often differ from each other.


With both models, the most valuable company in the world has once again brought out excellent products that differ only slightly in terms of performance and entertainment performance. When deciding between buying a MacBook Air or buying a MacBook Pro, we recommend that you think about what type of entertainment or work you intend to use the device for.

Games, movies, and music tend to run just as well on the Air as they do on the Pro model. If you buy the model for work purposes such as cutting films or music or for complex image processing, we recommend the Pro model. DJs are also more likely to use the Pro than the Air because of the slightly better performance.

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