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Apple | Macbook Air M2 as fast as Macbook Pro M2 – first benchmarks | macbook

The Macbook Air M2 and Macbook Pro 13 inch M2 have the same SoC installed, which is why it is not surprising that the computers have the same performance data. In theory, the Macbook Pro M2 should only perform better for longer-lasting tasks that require high performance, since the active cooling system dissipates heat better and the processor therefore does not clock down as much. However, the usual benchmarks do not measure this.

Macbook Air M2 midnight (8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD) at Mediamarkt (1849 euros)

Now the first values ​​for the Macbook Air M2 have appeared, which can only be ordered since last Friday. According to this, the M2 in the Macbook Air achieved 1,899 points in the single-core bench and 8,965 in the multi-core bench in the Geekbench test. The result of the Macbook Pro M2 is in the same range with 1,928 and 8,990 respectively.


in the Test by our colleagues from Macworld the Macbook Pro M2 gets 1943 points in the single-core and 8,908 in the multi-core – this shows itself to be noticeably improved compared to the M1, we can expect a test of the Macbook Air M2 for this week. Apple presented both new MacBooks at the WWDC in early June, and the MacBook Pro M2 has been on the market since the end of last month. The pre-order of the Macbook Air M2 started on Friday, July 8th, some models are already hard to deliver. While Apple is already ordering the Macbook Air in the new midnight color put off until the beginning of August other dealers promise a somewhat earlier delivery, for example we found a Macbook Air M2 at Mediamarkt in midnight, which should reach buyers between July 20th and 22nd.


Macbook Air M2 may be more attractive offer than Macbook Pro M2, new shape, new colors, lower price. Same performance? Benchmarks alone do not say that. Anyone who torments their Macbook with more strenuous tasks such as video editing or rendering will get better performance in the long run with the Macbook Pro M2. For friends of the touch bar, the choice is clear anyway.


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