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Apple | MacBook Pro 13″ with M2 processor can be ordered › | macbook

That MacBook Pro 13″ with M2 processor can now be ordered from Apple. The manufacturer wants to start delivering the devices next Friday, June 24th. From then on, the new MacBook model should also be available from Apple’s sales partners. Amazon already has the new computer in its sales portal listed.

MacBook Pro 13

Equipped with Apple’s latest processor, the MacBook Pro 13″ could also be the last MacBook model to be equipped with Apple’s Touch Bar function key replacement. In contrast to the new MacBook Air, which was also presented at the beginning of the month but is not yet available, the smallest MacBook Pro is still in the unchanged housing of the previous generation.


In terms of price, the new MacBook Pro with a 13-inch screen clearly sets itself apart from its siblings with 14 and 16-inch screens that were introduced last year. However, the latter are also equipped with processors from Apple’s Pro and Max lines that are a lot more powerful. The small MacBook Pro can be ordered from 1,599 euros, while the model with a 14-inch screen size starts at 2,249 euros and the 16-inch variant at 2,749 euros.

In the cheapest configuration for 1,599 euros, the new MacBook Pro comes with an M2 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD storage. 24 GB of RAM and 2 TB of SSD storage can be selected as the maximum configuration, but the selling price for the device then increases significantly to a total of 2,979 euros. Apple’s M2 processor works with the MacBook Pro 13″ as standard with an 8-core CPU and a 10-core GPU.

Order Macbook Pro

At least when the pre-orders start, the new MacBook Pro with M2 processor will still be available as announced by Apple from next Friday. It remains to be seen whether the delivery situation for the devices will worsen over the next few days. It is not yet known when exactly the new MacBook Air can be ordered.Apple | MacBook Pro 13″ with M2 processor can be ordered › | macbook | 3cf0b6f967504c38ba6aaa1adaf91204


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