Saturday, August 13, 2022

Apple | MacBook Pro 13 2016 TouchBar and speakers not working | macbook

Good evening everyone,

As is well known, some keys on the A1706 MacBook Pro 13″ have said goodbye. I then ordered a new keyboard and then installed it carefully and in peace according to the instructions (approx. 3 hours).

Of course I checked every step several times and made sure that every cable was properly seated as it should be.


Now the shock when turning on the MacBook. The keyboard works perfectly and every key works as it should.
TouchID works fine too.

Only the TouchBar and the speaker don’t work at all. In addition, when the Mac is switched off, it is difficult to switch it on, i.e. pressing the power button several times or plugging in the charging cable. At some point the Mac will turn on.

None of this was before and after checking all the connections several times I am unfortunately at a loss. I even completely reinstalled Monterey.

Unfortunately, resetting the SMC using a key combination does not work either, since the Mac does not come on directly as soon as the power test is pressed.


maybe you know more.

LG :)

PS.: I bought a new Mac today, but I would like to get the old one running again, because it is really great in itself :)

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