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Apple | Macbook Pro 16 inch Intel: scrap metal or an insider tip? | macbook

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With the release of the new Macbook Pro M1, the 16-inch Macbook Pro becomes an Ebay bargain. For whom it is worthwhile.


The two new Macbook Pro M1 Pro/Max from Apple are a success: They are well received by buyers and the first tests are downright euphoric. The two 14 and 16 inch machines only have one flaw: the high price. If you want a notebook with a 16-inch display and need at least 1 TB of storage space, you have to transfer 2979 euros (

it’s also cheaper

) – and you could equip half a school class with iPads for that.

No criticism: For the price you get a first-class computer that is worth its price. Many a frugal Macbook fan wonders whether a cheap discontinued model would do the trick? After all, they didn’t suddenly become slow and unusable, and a boring Excel file doesn’t look any better on a mini LED display either. Right now could also be the ideal time to buy an Intel MacBook.

Discontinued models are still too expensive – but Black Friday is just around the corner

So far, however, we have hardly seen any cheap discontinued models of Intel Macbooks. It is astonishing that the Macbooks Pro with an Intel CPU are no longer available in the Apple Store and are hardly available in specialist shops and are hardly discounted. We also currently find the devices in Apple’s refurbished store too expensive. Our sample configuration, a 16-inch device with 1 TB, still costs 2549 euros instead of 3000 euros. For the next few months, however, we expect much cheaper offers. At the end of November, the sales campaign that is important for such offers finally takes place

Black Friday

Ebay prices are already falling

Used devices are not for everyone, but there is currently a particularly interesting development in Macbooks: there is a kind of Intel bear market on Ebay and classifieds. Many buyers of a new M1 MacBook Pro are obviously in the process of selling their old Intel MacBooks on Ebay – which is pushing down prices. If you list the sales prices achieved on Ebay, the auction prices seem to be falling significantly.

The prices on Ebay for the Macbook Pro with an Intel chip are still too high.


The prices on Ebay for the Macbook Pro with an Intel chip are still too high.

While our Macbook Pro 2019 with a retail price of 3000 euros was just under 2000 euros in August, you can now bid for individual copies for 1500 to 1700 euros – exactly half the price. In the next few weeks, prices could drop even further and become even more interesting. When you buy a used device, you also benefit from another effect: previously expensive upgrades such as more RAM or a more powerful graphics card are only charged at a fraction of the cost when buying a used device, and you get the expensive equipment at a bargain price.

Sell ​​Mac, iPhone and iPad – this is where you get the most money

Tip for sellers:

You should compare the purchase prices of services such as Rebuy, Flip4News and Wirkaufens in detail. At the time of going to press, the purchase prices were currently unusually far apart at 1700 to 600 euros. Another sign that Intel Macs are no longer in style.

The prices for buyers have already fallen.


The prices for buyers have already fallen.

Disadvantages and advantages of Intel devices

You don’t have to worry much about Apple’s support for the Intel platform in the next few years. Apple has promised to support the devices with updates for another five years, and software manufacturers such as Adobe and Microsoft will probably also pay attention to Intel compatibility for a long time. Apple still has two Intel devices in its range with the iMac and Mac Pro. We consider the 2019 updated model with a 16-inch display to be particularly interesting. Compared to its predecessors, it has a better keyboard and a more powerful and quieter cooling system.

How to reset a Macbook to factory settings

Basically, Apple’s new ARM platform is more modern and delivers more performance. However, there are also some advantages when buying an Intel Macbook: programs that are not yet running on the ARM platform can still be used and you can easily install a Windows system. The new ARM MacBooks are also a problem for fans of current games such as Cyberpunk or Flight Simulator. You can no longer boot Windows to play games and the range of gaming titles for ARM Macs is meager. Not to be forgotten: the majority of notebook manufacturers continue to rely on Intel CPUs.

However, the disadvantages of Intel Macbooks should not be forgotten: The new Macbooks offer a significantly longer battery life and with optimized programs such as Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro they clearly outperform the Intel models.

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