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Apple | Macbook Pro 2021 has speaker issues | macbook

Halyna Kubiv

Several users report that newer 2021 Macbook Pro have audio issues.



summarized from different user forums, some Macbook Pro 14 and 16 inches from 2021 probably have problems with audio playback. The speakers crackle or crackle when the Mac plays the audio. The audio source is not important, the annoying noises can be heard in videos, music, website audios etc. Especially when the volume is turned up or the pitch is quite high, the new Macbooks are prone to the audio problems. Users complain about this

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the Apple forums

Apparently, the noise is caused by the faulty software in the latest versions of macOS 12: The problems even exist when Apple has exchanged the Macbook for a new device. Updating to the latest macOS 12.3.1 has helped some users. Some report ending the “coreaudiod” process in the Activity app, after which the annoying noises disappeared. A user on the Apple forums reported changing the format in the “Audio MIDI Setup” setting. His standard was 48,000 Hz, he set the controller to 44,100 Hz.

The problem with the crackling speakers in Macbooks is apparently not limited to the latest models.

There is a discussion from two years ago on Apple’s developer portal
where the developers report similar issues on different devices – Macbook Pro 13 inch from 2019, Mac Mini 2018, iMac 2012 and more devices.

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