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Apple | Macbook Pro (2021): Set the refresh rate – this is how it works | macbook

Andreas Mueller

In addition to the fast processors and additional connections, the new Macbook Pro is particularly impressive with its screen. The brilliant Liquid Retina display is one of the best that has ever been built into a notebook. We explain what is behind the feature Pro Motion and how to set it.


Apple’s Pro Motion technology was initially reserved for the iPad Pro (from 2017) and the iPhone 13 Pro. What is behind it is a dynamic refresh rate of up to 120Hz. As soon as flowing movements of the content are visualized on the screen, the refresh rate is increased immediately, enabling buttery smooth scrolling, for example. With static display, a reduction ensures that energy and battery power are saved.

The MacBook Pro 2021 is the first Mac to also be equipped with this advanced technology. But how can you actually set Pro Motion and what point could it make to disable it entirely? Part of the pro-motion technique is automatic adjustment. It works so well in practice that most users will be completely satisfied with the result and will not need to make any improvements.

Pro Motion saves energy

If you primarily want to save energy, deactivating it is not a good idea. Just like Pro Motion increases the frequency of the image output for fast animations and scrolling, it is even reduced below the usual 60Hz in many situations. If a text is read or a film is shown with the usual 24 frames per second, the frequency adapts here as well. On a daily average, many users will even save energy and battery life with Pro Motion and at the same time benefit from the smoother display.

Disable Pro Motion – Here’s how it works and that’s what it does

On the other hand, professionals who are involved in video editing, for example, would like to control the frame rate themselves and keep it constant. To achieve this goal, on macOS, click the apple in the top left and then click System Preferences in the drop-down menu. In the lower segment of the window you will find the screen symbol labeled “Displays”. Click on this icon.

in tab "screen" find the refresh rate settings.


In the “Display” tab you will find the settings for the refresh rate.

Now click on the “Display Settings” button at the bottom of the window. If you have connected several monitors, you will find a list of all connected devices on the left edge of the window. Select the display built into the Macbook Pro with the label “Integrated Liquid Retina XDR display”.

Pro Motion should be preselected in the Refresh Rate drop-down list, which is the last option in the configuration. If you would like to deviate from this, you can click on the list and choose between the following alternatives:

  • 60 Hertz

  • 59.94 Hertz

  • 50 Hertz

  • 48 Hertz

  • 47.95 Hertz

You can choose from several fixed refresh rates.


You can choose from several fixed refresh rates.

Professionals will appreciate this choice for special needs in professional video editing. For everyone else, we recommend leaving Pro Motion enabled and enjoying the dynamically smooth image display.

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