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Apple | MacBook Pro: Almost no production – delivery problems are likely to get worse | News | macbook

Apple | MacBook Pro: Almost no production - delivery problems are likely to get worse | News | macbook | macbook pro 2021 front.563718Apple | MacBook Pro: Almost no production - delivery problems are likely to get worse | News | macbook | macbook pro 2021 front.563718As is well known, Apple has been struggling with significant delivery problems for the MacBook Pro with 14 and 16 inch displays for some time. Anyone currently ordering such a notebook will receive the information in the Apple online store according to mid-July, so in two months. The main reason for the difficulties are lockdowns in China, especially in the metropolis of Shanghai. This is where the contract manufacturer Quanta’s factory, which is extremely important for the Californian group, is located, in which these two versions of the MacBook Pro roll off the assembly line. There was even a worker revolt recently due to the corona-related restrictions (see ), which further aggravated the situation.

Production only at 10 to 20 percent of maximum capacity
The production of 14″ MacBook Pro and 16″ MacBook Pro started up again a little over a week ago, but is still a long way from reaching normal levels. A recent report by
DigiTimes According to (payment barrier), the Quanta plant and other manufacturers’ production facilities in Shanghai are currently only operating at 10 to 20 percent of their maximum capacities. That is again significantly less than reported a few days ago, when there was talk of around 30 percent. On Monday of this week, Apple’s manufacturing partner was also confident of expanding production to 50 percent in the very near future. However, according to the Taiwanese daily, nothing is likely to come of this in the foreseeable future. On the contrary: DigiTimes does not expect the situation to return to normal before July.

Massive traffic jams in front of the port of Shanghai lead to bottlenecks
The ongoing production bottlenecks, which not only affect Apple, have several causes. On the one hand, Quanta and other contract manufacturers are still struggling with personnel problems because the plants are still closed to the outside world. The workers are not allowed to leave it, but have to live there during their work periods of several weeks. This naturally hinders the processes considerably. In addition, there is a massive traffic jam in front of the port of Shanghai. There are hundreds of container ships that cannot unload their cargo due to the corona measures that have been imposed. As a result, necessary components for MacBook production are missing and only a throttled production is possible. At the same time, not all of the few finished notebooks can be shipped in a timely manner because the handling and loading of the ships in Shanghai are also affected. In addition, shipping containers have been in short supply for months. Potential buyers of a MacBook Pro will probably have to wait long into the summer. After all, there is a device in one or the other stationary Apple Store, which is currently the case in Hamburg, for example.

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