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Apple | MacBook Pro and Air: Apple warns of display cracks | macbook

Apple has admitted that the manufacturer’s current notebooks can suffer from display damage if users do not pay attention to the small tolerances of the device housing when it is closed. In a recently updated support document, the company writes that damage to the screen can occur if “any material” is left on the screen, keyboard, or palm rest. This means, among other things, keyboard and screen protectors, camera covers, films for the palm rests – but also the smallest objects such as crumbs or pebbles.


Previously, the Apple had only warned about palm rest covers and the popular keyboard cap protection foils. Apparently, the company is reacting to reports from users of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with M1 chip that the display can crack with the change. These had recently appeared more frequently – although it is unclear whether this really has something to do with the new models, whose basic design actually corresponds to that of their Intel predecessors.

In some cases, display defects on the computers appear days after purchase. There have been reports of cracks ranging from very small to larger, most of which adversely affect the function of the display. For example, the screen only shows stripes or goes completely black. One affected user reports that he closed his MacBook to walk the dog at the end of July. After returning, there was a crack in the display. “It was very confusing because I couldn’t understand how that happened.”


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Apple has so far reacted defensively to such problems – a free computer exchange or free repair is usually rejected because the problem is not seen as a serial or quality error in the hardware. Instead, users then have to pay for the very expensive display replacement as if the hardware were out of warranty. If you have previously taken out AppleCare+ device insurance, it will be cheaper.

With the new support document, Apple now seems to want to further protect itself – any foreign body between the display and keyboard or palm rest remains “forbidden”. Camera covers, palm rest and keyboard covers, or anything else must be removed before closing the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Otherwise damage may occur when closed.


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