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Apple | MacBook Pro and Mac Mini: Full SSD speed costs extra | macbook

The speed of SSD storage in the base models of Apple’s new MacBook Pro (2023) and Mac Mini M2 (Pro) is significantly slower than in the more expensive models. The SSD transfer rates are even below the predecessors with M1 chip, like MacRumors reported.

In benchmark tests, read and write rates of around 1,500 megabytes/second established. That is 30 to 50 percent slower than the previous model. But you only lose speed with the Mac Mini with the variant 256 gigabytes of storage space a. For variants with 512 gigabytes and more, the speed is not throttled.


Only one memory chip installed

As revealed by YouTube channel Brandon Geekabit, the latest Mac Mini just a memory chip with 256 GB of storage space, while the M1 model had 2 chips with 128 GB storage space each. That might also be the reason for the loss of speed.

The same goes for the latest ones too MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. The 512 gigabyte SSD in the MacBook Pro has read and write speeds of around 3,000 MB/s. The variant with a 2 terabyte SSD achieves loud hot Speeds of up to 6,000 MB/s, which is practically twice as much. However, it should also be noted that larger SSDs can generally access better read and write speeds.

“Even faster for everyday tasks”

Apple has already faced over the past year The Verge announced that the new MacBook Pro and Air will use a single 256 gigabyte NAND memory chip. While benchmarks could show “a difference” compared to the first generation, the devices with the M2 chip are “even faster for real-world tasks”.

Users should therefore think carefully about which SSD size they will buy, as the memory modules are not interchangeable. An upgrade from 256 gigabytes to 512 gigabytes (Mac Mini) or 512 gigabytes to 1 terabyte (Mac Book Pro) costs respectively 230 euros. However, the extent to which the higher SSD speeds are needed depends on the requirements of the users.


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