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Apple | MacBook Pro barely available (Update 2: Current orders will be postponed) | news | macbook

Apple | MacBook Pro barely available (Update 2: Current orders will be postponed) | news | macbook | macbook pro 2021 finder.563998Apple | MacBook Pro barely available (Update 2: Current orders will be postponed) | news | macbook | macbook pro 2021 finder.563998China is still relying on shutting down public life completely, even if the number of infections is comparatively low. This also affects companies that are active in the respective province. When numerous plants in Shengzen recently had to be forced to take a short break, including Apple’s most important manufacturing partner Foxconn, the impact on Apple was moderate. With the recent lockdown, on the other hand, things seem to be different, because this time the wheels at Quanta are standing still – and Mac production is not easy to take over from other locations. After the delivery times began to increase again last week, things are now looking even worse for several models.

MacBook Pro: availability worse than ever
Quanta plays a key role in that it is the sole manufacturer of the MacBook Pro. Unlike with much higher-volume products, such as the iPhone, Apple does not rely on parallel production in several plants. This can be seen very clearly in the delivery forecasts. Just a week ago, the pre-configured models of the MacBook Pro were available until May 3rd. However, Apple is now talking about being able to carry out orders again on May 24th at the earliest (Store: ).

This corresponds to a delivery time of six weeks for a product that has been on the market for six months. However, the time estimates don’t change anymore if you add other options – so Apple assumes that it will generally hardly be able to deliver for the time being. If you need a new notebook at short notice, you should go to the Apple Refurbished Store stop by, numerous configurations are directly available there.


MacBook Air and Mac mini
The MacBook Air is just as affected as the MacBook Pro, because the compact notebook also comes from the Quanta halls. Apple corrected the delivery forecast from May 3rd to May 24th, but according to the information it can also last until June 9th. The situation with the Mac mini M1 is unchanged. In the standard versions, Apple promises immediate delivery, but if you want to change something in the equipment, the date slips into the first week of May. The Mac Studio still holds the record, shipping can take up to 12 weeks after the order is placed.

As several readers reported to us, they have now received the unfortunate news for existing orders that the delivery cannot take place as planned. Instead of the April date, it will definitely be May – sometimes even June. Apparently, the wheels are really (almost) completely still.

update 2
The studio display also seems to be affected. There are now also several voices, according to which mid-June is now the talk instead of mid-April.

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