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Apple | MacBook Pro ca 2011 battery does not charge / is not recognized | macbook


I have an Apple MacBookPro from around 2011, with an Intel i7-2635QM.

It came to me used, with an unknown error description. After changing the HDD to an SSD, I was able to install MacOS on this. But only an older version that is no longer supported.


Kubuntu is currently running on the box.

My problem, which has existed since the beginning, is that the battery apparently no longer charges or is not recognized at all.

The problem existed on both MAC OS and KUBUNTU. If the plug goes off, the laptop shuts down.

I’ve already screwed it on, but couldn’t see any obvious fault with the BATTERY (blown up or something similar)


The power connector on the MacBook glows green.

I appreciate any idea I can come up with before I buy a new battery.

With Apple, is the battery only recognized via the operating system, etc., or does it run via a kind of boot system, where you can perhaps set something else?

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