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Apple | MacBook Pro class action lawsuit still fails – | macbook

Some older MacBook Pros have screen issues.

The bug affects MacBook Pros produced between 2016 and 2018. The problem does not appear immediately, but only after some time of use. After that, the backlighting of the screen becomes erratic, and later it stopped completely. Elliptical areas in the lower part were brighter than the rest.

Since this is similar to stage lighting, the term “stage light fault” is used in the USA – already reported in 2019.


Overpriced repair offered?

Apple estimated $600 for the repair. According to iFixit, those affected only had to exchange a $6 cable. Dissatisfied customers have filed a lawsuit against Apple for this reason.

Apple | MacBook Pro class action lawsuit still fails – | macbook | Gericht Justiz Richter

Court rules in Apple’s favour

However, this was not allowed in court. The reasoning is that Apple is not obliged to mention the defect to buyers.

Apple did not comment after the problem became known. That’s how the class action lawsuit got started. But now Apple can be happy. none the customer gets his $600 back…

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