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Apple | MacBook Pro delivery dates continue to be postponed › Macerkopf | macbook

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In recent weeks, delivery times for the high-end MacBook Pro models have increased due to component shortages and ongoing lockdowns in China. As DigiTimes reported, the delivery situation for the MacBook Pro remains tense. The Apple supplier Quanta is said to still be struggling with limited production, despite the recent easing in China.

Apple | MacBook Pro delivery dates continue to be postponed › Macerkopf | macbook | macbook pro 2021 1

Delivery situation remains tense

The new MacBook Pro models are currently popular and rare at the same time. And so it is inevitable that some customers will also be disappointed that the delivery times are sometimes even pushed back for devices that have already been ordered. Apple customers have been facing unusually long delivery times for a few weeks now as production capacity is limited due to lockdowns and a lack of chips.


According to DigiTimes, contract manufacturer Quanta has so far only been able to restore production capacity at its Shanghai site by about 30 percent after the regional lockdown ended last month. Quanta is the sole maker of Apple’s 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros. The devices are mainly manufactured in the ODM factory in Shanghai.

The report states that many downstream assemblers may have resumed production, but many of them are still under-supplied with components. Quanta executive vice chairman CC Leung pointed out on April 30 that the Shanghai plant has restored about 30 percent of its capacity and plans to gradually increase the percentage to 50 percent. According to DigiTimes, Apple has already partially switched transport from sea to air freight in order to shorten delivery times given the disrupted logistics in China.

Apple last month said the company will continue to struggle to make enough products to meet strong consumer demand later in the year due to supply shortages in China and chip shortages.

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