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Apple | MacBook Pro hard to ship | Do iMessage edits encourage sexual harassment? | macbook

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Daybreak Apple » MacBook Pro hard to ship | Do iMessage edits encourage sexual harassment? | WhatsApp lets you hide online status in a targeted manner – Daybreak Apple

Apple | MacBook Pro hard to ship | Do iMessage edits encourage sexual harassment? | macbook | DayBreak

Good Morning all! Editing messages after they’ve been sent is actually old hat. Only with iMessage, it’s a brand new thing. And while most users take a sigh of relief or at least indifference to this innovation, some also criticize it. So welcome to the overview in the morning.


If you change messages in Skype after sending them, it doesn’t surprise anyone. Slack has also offered this feature for a long time, but that’s also for business customers. WhatsApp doesn’t support it yet, although it’s ahead of almost everything else in iMessage. iOS is now pulling past WhatsApp: messages can soon be edited in iMessage.

However, Apple has also received criticism for this innovation, which could lead to more sexual harassment, more on that here.

WhatsApp strengthens privacy

WhatsApp has recently offered users a new feature: They can now specifically hide the online status for individual users, this also works with the profile picture and the profile text, more information here. Who will probably make use of it all…


The MacBook Pro is hard to come by

Hard to believe, but the newly introduced MacBook Pro is currently hard to get in some configurations. Just presented, already sold out, that’s what it looks like, but the reasons are likely to be found in the shortage of chips, more about that here.

And what else happened?

Apple used Juneteenth 2022 to highlight the qualities of the iPad Pro, the tablet is used by an African-American artist for her work, read more here.

Meross brings a new lamp.

The manufacturer of smart home products has presented a new bedside lamp, here is the information.

The chips from TSMC for iPhone and Co. are getting smaller and smaller, but miniaturization is also becoming more and more difficult. You can read here how things will continue in the coming years.

So I can give you a relaxed

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