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Apple | Macbook Pro M1 Max beats Mac Pro in graphics tests | macbook

Halyna Kubiv

Sometimes it’s even worth comparing apples and oranges, in this case the new Macbook Pro competes with Apple’s workstation Mac Pro.


The hardware specialists from ”


Bare Feet
” are known for their measurements of the latest Apple devices, they found out in 2017 that

the iPhone X already beats the then current MacBook Pro in some tests.
Now they have compared the new Macbook Pro M1 Max to the fastest and most expensive Apple computer – the Mac Pro. The two computers are already running macOS 12.0.1 Monterey, the Macbook Pro is configured with the 10-core M1 Max, including a graphics unit with 32 cores, a neural engine with 16 cores and 32 GB of RAM. Incidentally, this is the entry-level configuration of an M1 Max computer, it costs 3,849 euros in the German Apple Store. As an upgrade, 64 GB of shared RAM is also possible, and Apple also offers up to 8 TB of SSD storage.

Mac Pro more than 10,000 euros more expensive

In the other corner of the test ring is the 2019 Mac Pro with the 12-core Intel Xeon chip and clocked up to 3.3 GHz. The Mac has 96 GB of RAM installed, as well as a dual Pro Vega II Duo graphics card. The corresponding Mac Pro configuration with 256 GB of memory costs 8,799 euros in the Apple Store, the Vega II Duo has to be bought separately in the Apple Store, it currently costs 5,060 euros. The total value of the Mac Pro is therefore 13,859 euros, exactly 10,010 euros more than the tested Macbook Pro.

The test results

So how do the two devices fare in benchmark tests? “Bare Feet” ran the usual tests like BasemarkGPU, Geekbench 5, GFX Bench, Browser Bench and some games with Metal. It is striking that the Macbook Pro beats the Mac Pro by far in the two browser benchmarks, Motion Mark for complex graphical representations on websites and JetStream 2 for Java Script. In Browser Bench Jet Stream 2, the Macbook Pro M1 Max gets 253 points, the Mac Pro gets 171 points. In Motion Mark, the Mac Pro scores 889 points and the Macbook Pro 2077 points. In Geekbench 5, a synthetic measurement of chip speed, the Mac Pro has the edge with 13,125 points in the multi-core test, the MacBook follows closely behind with 12,716 points. In two other tests, the MacBook Pro beat the Mac Pro – on Basemark GPU with 4K resolution and on GFX Bench in the game “Aztec”. The Mac Pro won the remaining tests, the difference in “Tomb Raider” is striking: With a resolution of 3840 × 2160, the Mac Pro achieves 52 frames per second, the Macbook Pro at 33 frames per second. The Mac Pro also won the Geekbench Metal test by a large margin: 101,938 points against 65,279 points for the MacBook Pro.


The Mac Pro was able to clearly beat the Macbook Pro in only a few benchmarks, and in some tests, such as the browser, even the Macbook Pro won the race. If you consider the price difference of 10,000 euros, these are quite presentable results.

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