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Apple | MacBook Pro M2 (2022): New Apple laptop at a low price | macbook

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From: Omer Kayali

MacBook Pro M2 (2022) Apple laptop
The MacBook Pro with Apple’s M2 chip was released this year. It is now cheaper to have. ©Apple

Apple’s new premium laptop, the MacBook Pro with M2 chip, is available at the all-time low price. You can currently get the notebook for 1,299 euros.

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Apple’s M2-powered MacBook Pro came out about a year and a half after its M1-based predecessor. Apple was asking €1,599 for the new laptop at launch – a typically high price for the company’s latest devices. But now the Macbook Pro M2 with a 13-inch screen is cheaper. You are already getting the notebook for 1,299 euros at Ebay.

For sale on eBay


MacBook Pro M2 for €1,299 new on eBay

MacBook Pro M2 (2022) Apple Laptop
MacBook Pro M2 (2022) © Apple
  • Externally there are no differences to the predecessor. The new Apple notebook has exactly the same design, but there are a few innovations under the hood of the M2 model. The Touch Bar above the keyboard is still present on the MacBook Pro M2 – Apple is using the function keys again on the other new laptops.
  • Basically, the MacBook Pro is interesting for users who prefer active cooling (with a fan).
  • In terms of battery life, the laptop is excellent and far better than notebooks from other manufacturers.
  • The notebook is more powerful than its predecessor thanks to the M2 chip and the two additional GPU cores. According to Apple, the computer works almost 40 percent faster than the previous generation when it comes to image editing programs or video games.
  • Compared to the MacBook Pro M1, this is a noticeable upgrade. If you don’t need a computer for demanding image processing, you should Macbook Air M2 represent an alternative.

For sale on eBay

MacBook Pro M2 (2022)
13.3 inches
2,560 x 1,600 p
MacBook Pro M2, USB-C charging cable, power adapter

For sale on eBay

Even if we already know the design, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a very good subnotebook. You get a high-quality and stable case, a still very good display, good input devices and, with the new M2 chip, again a very fast and efficient processor. At the same time, the MacBook often remains silent in everyday use and the whole package harmonises very well. The MacBook Pro 13 benefits from many comfort functions such as the automatic brightness control of the screen and the keyboard light. A few Windows laptops now also offer this, but often not so finely regulated or so reliably. In addition, the battery runtimes are again very long at more than 19 hours and clearly superior to the Windows competition.

For sale on eBay

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