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Apple | Macbook Pro M2: Available for pre-order today | macbook

Halyna Kubiv

“From July” was the motto at the WWDC, now Apple is announcing a specific date for the launch of the Macbook Pro M2.


From June 17, i.e. today, you can order the new Macbook Pro M2 from Apple’s German online shop from 2:00 p.m. CEST. The updated calculator will be delivered the following week, on June 24th. Unlike the iPhone, customers can also order the computer from authorized dealers. Apple has exceeded its promise a little, because just a few minutes ago the Macs comparison page said “Available next month”, i.e. “Available from July” if you wanted to look at the information from Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. On the German side, Apple also promised the Macbook Pro M2 in July some time after the announcement.


Incidentally, the availability information for the Macbook Air M2 has not changed at Apple. So you have to assume that Apple will launch the new Air sometime in July.

Why the manufacturer brought its Pro laptop forward two to three weeks before the announced date remains a mystery. Most likely, the production of M2 chips will work without major problems. The Macbook Pro M2 is a new wine in old bottles anyway, which means that almost everything on the device is the same, except for the motherboard. And a production line that has been in place for years is easier and more efficient to operate than creating a completely new device with a new housing shape and a new type of screen, such as the Macbook Air M2.

We are curious to see how long customers will actually have to wait for the upcoming Macbook Pro M2. Because devices that are already available from Apple can only be obtained after a considerable waiting period: If you order a Macbook Pro 14 inch now, you have to wait until the beginning of August, for example. If you order a Macbook Air M1 today, you can pick up the device in the store on August 16th.

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