Monday, August 15, 2022

Apple | MacBook Pro M2 the better deal? (compared to the MacBook Air M2) | macbook

Exciting idea, I would never have thought of choosing the “old” MacBook Pro 13 M2 over the new (or even the old 2020) Air. In your comparison, the performance aspect stands out the most. For my personal usage scenario for this device category (office and surfing), even the M1 is overpowered, so I would always prefer the Air because of weight/size/noise. With the slightly different performance, or with the evaluation of 15% > 10min difference, the question would be whether this is only measurable or also noticeable. In FPS depending on the game at the rather low level probably not whether it’s 30 or 34.5 FPS, or 60 to 69 nobody can tell me he/she would notice that. For render times/or similar in the low range as well, whether it takes 60 or 70 seconds makes no difference imho – with significantly longer times it does (that’s when the fan kicks in). The question would then be why not a MacBook Pro 14, the 16/512 configs of the M2 devices are in the same range as the current 14 street price (1900€).

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