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Apple | MacBook Pro, Mac Studio and iMac: Shipments slip into August | News | macbook

Apple | MacBook Pro, Mac Studio and iMac: Shipments slip into August | News | macbook | macbook pro 2021 front.563718Apple | MacBook Pro, Mac Studio and iMac: Shipments slip into August | News | macbook | macbook pro 2021 front.563718Apple, like many other companies, is severely affected by delivery bottlenecks. At a press conference for the second financial quarter, the group had to admit that it was expecting lower sales of between four and eight billion US dollars in the coming months. In fact, the delivery situation does not look all that gratifying: in all major markets, buyers of selected products often have to wait seven to nine weeks before they can receive the device they have ordered. Above all, those interested in a new Mac need a lot of patience: many models may not be delivered until August.

MacBook Pro hardly available – remedy at other dealers
If you decide to buy a MacBook Pro 14″ or 16″, you shouldn’t be in a hurry: the standard versions of both models will reach customers between July 20th and August 3rd at the earliest. A bit strange: If you make changes to the equipment, you can even look forward to the package a day earlier. Anyone who is dependent on timely delivery must either Apple Refurbished Store visit or look at other dealers: Amazon delivers the MacBook Pro 14″ this month – currently even with a discount of ten percent.

iMac also affected by bottlenecks
So far, the iMac has been spared shipping delays – after all, the product has been on the market for a year. Apple is still in control of the standard finishes – only a few color options are not immediately available. With the smallest change to the storage capacity of the SSD or RAM, however, shipping slips to July. Here, too, it is worth taking a look at other providers such as Amazonwho can usually deliver faster.

Mac Studio: delivery times significantly dependent on configuration
Ideally, buyers of the Mac Studio only have to wait until June 2nd – as long as they are satisfied with the standard version and the M1 Max. The version with the M1 Ultra is not an alternative for last-minute decision-makers: The product won’t arrive until July 20 at the earliest, and any configuration will result in another postponement – buyers have to wait up to twelve weeks before they can unpack the device. Incidentally, the situation doesn’t look too rosy for the Studio Display either: Here, too, buyers may have to wait until August before they can call the monitor their own.

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