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Apple | Macbook Pro now with M2 and HDMI 2.1 | macbook

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Apple has introduced the new Macbook Pro with M2 in 14 and 16 inches. These now also support HDMI 2.1 and have 96 GiB of shared memory.

Next to the Mac Mini The Macbook Pro also gets the M2 and was presented in the form of the Macbook Pro models with M2 Pro and M2 Max. Externally, they are indistinguishable from the M1 series and Apple has not changed the familiar display and keyboard, nor the equipment. Not even the Midnight design offered on the Air, which is admittedly prone to fingerprints, is offered. It sticks with silver and metallic gray. The changes are inside, with the M2 and its surroundings.

With the M2, of course, more power comes into play. Tests on the Macbook Air M2 have confirmed that the cores themselves are not dramatically faster. The Macbook Pro M2 also keeps the total number of cores with either 10- or 12-core CPU, but the devil is in the details: Apple changes the configuration to 6+4 and 8+4 cores. Previously there were only 2 efficiency cores and correspondingly more performance cores. Together with the 19 or 38 GPU cores and the changes in the environment, the Macbook Pro M2 should still be up to 20 percent faster. That would include 96 GiB of shared RAM and 200 GB/s or 400 GB/s of memory bandwidth. A maximum of 32 GiB of RAM can be configured.


New Apple Mac Mini and lower prices

For some, the most significant change will be HDMI 2.1: The Macbook Pro supports 8K to 60 Hertz and 4K to 240 Hertz. Previously, this was only possible via one of the Thunderbolt connections and DisplayPort. Also, the Wi-Fi module is upgraded to 6E and the Bluetooth module is on the way to 5.3. In addition to the display size, 14 and 16 inches also differ noticeably in the battery capacity of around 70 and 100 watt hours. Apple calls up to 18 to 22 hours runtime.

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<p>However, the prices for the Macbook Pro and 14 and 16 inches are rising slightly.  You can now enter the Apple world from 2,399 euros for the Macbook Pro;  the Max model costs from 3,699 euros.  As usual, the models can be configured and the prices have risen dramatically as a result – Apple can pay very well for larger working memories and hard drives.  But you get a lot, as a buyer should take this into account: 1.6 kilograms for the 14 and 2.15 kilograms for the 16.  Deliveries will start on February 24th.</p>
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Among them is the Macbook Pro with 13 inches, which sees the red pencil in the equipment and has to make do with the M2 from the Macbook Air with 8 CPU cores and 10 GPU cores; and can only use 24 GiB of shared memory, has a maximum of 2 TB NAND and is supposed to run for 20 hours.

Source: Apple

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