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Apple | Refurb Store: Apple sells Mac Studio and M2 MacBook Pro refurbished | macbook

Apple | Refurb Store: Apple sells Mac Studio and M2 MacBook Pro refurbished | macbook | Mac Studio 2

In the so-called Apple Refurb Store Apple sells its own products refurbished and discounted. Numerous models of the Mac Studio and the M2 13″ MacBook Pro are new. Important to know: These are individual pieces and not in stock.

  • The one presented in March Macstudio can be purchased more cheaply in various configurations. For example, the version with the M1 Max chip, 10-core CPU and 24-core GPU costs 2069 euros, other build-to-order models with other configurations are also up to 4549 euros. (all models in the overview)
  • That 13″ MacBook Pro with M2 chip can be bought with an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU from 1439 euros, here too there are other models with better hardware to choose from. For example, the model with 16 GB RAM and 2 TB SSD costs 2469 euros. (all models in the overview)

What is a refurbished Mac?


All refurbished Mac models come with a one-year warranty, free shipping and free returns. The offer also includes:

  • Full functional testing, genuine Apple parts (if necessary) and a thorough cleaning
  • The original operating system or a more recent version
  • All refurbished units are repackaged with all accessories and cables

Of course, you can also compare prices online and save a few more euros at other retailers. With Apple, however, you can be sure that refurbished goods cannot be distinguished from new goods. I myself bought a refurbished iMac many years ago and was completely satisfied.

Good to know: These are unique pieces. These are mostly returns or exhibits. If the device was purchased, it disappears from the refurbished store. Here, shopping is based on the “first come, first serve” principle.


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